Spiderman ad coming to a wild fish near you…

Enough about baseball… If you really want to blow a few hours outside go fishing this weekend. The river is at 167 CFs, 56 F and is clear.Following are several recent reports from anglers who were kind enough to share their views on the river.

“Dear Backwater Angler, Just wanted to drop you guys a line of thanks for all your help and advice last Friday. Even though I only got to fish for about three hours during (arguably) the toughest part of the day, I still managed to land a few wild browns and thoroughly enjoy myself on the Gunpowder. I can’t emphasize how lucky you guys are to have a stretch of water of that caliber only steps from your shop. Trust me, all I have is the L.A. River and the only thing I can consistently catch out of there are what I call “silvers”, but the rest of the world calls “abandoned shopping carts”. Thanks again for all the help, it was great to shoot the breeze and get some local knowledge. See you guys in July (hopefully), and good luck with the cicadas next week”. James Young

Message: Friday, 5:00 to 7:00 pm, about 300 feet below Bunkerhill – standing in the middle of the stream, casting to rising trout EVERYWHERE around me – some within 3 feet. Browns coming completely out of the water, slashing something I couldn’t see and definitely couldn’t match.I used a 12 ft leader, then a 15 ft leader – 5x, then 6x. I offered drys, wets, nymphs in three or four different types of bugs, large, small and smaller. I got exactly two fierce slashing takes and one rod bending yank – but never had a fish on that I could actually see. > > It was a great afternoon fishing in perfect weather. Driving out, I stopped at Masemore and saw the same action – a little slower but the browns were still coming completely out of the water. What a day! Hal MetCalf

Dear Hal, Thanks for the report.The fishing has been tough lately and small soft hackles have been putting quite a few smiles on anglers’ faces. Best, Theaux