The Gunpowder River is Full of Kamloops Rainbows and Sulphur Mayflies

The Gunpowder river is clear and flowing at 85 Cfs.Water temps at Falls Rd through Masemore are 63 to 64 F. We’ve had Caddis and Sulphurs for a solid two weeks now. We’re experiencing typical June water temperatures in May and we’ve seen less hatch activity from Bunkerhill through Big Falls. Evening fishing tends to peak around 7 PM with a late emergence of duns followed by a spinner fall at dusk to dark. Yesterday MD DNR Fisheries Biologists stocked the upper river with 5, 000 fingerling Kamloops strain rainbows. Once established, these fish have the ability to grow at a rate of close to 3 inches a year and will look like the fish pictured below taken by Jason du Pont in just a few years.
Gunpowder River Bright Bow
Throughout the day sporadic hatches of Sulpurs in a range of #12-16 and smaller caddis in the #16-18 range have been keeping anglers busy. Nymphing in the mornings has been very productive with pheasant tails sized #16 and smaller. With bright days ahead of us, look for shaded spots along edges and seams and have fun out there.
Thanks to Willy and Bob for the following Stream reports.

Theaux and Jason,
Thanks for the tip. You saved my Sulphur season. I’ll be back for more as soon as I’m back in town (It was hard to leave). Got to the river around 6 PM and hit the riffles below the boulder pools near the low trail. I like when you can count the number of fish caught by the dozen. I waited to switch to the spinner until almost dark. What’s incredible is that the fish grew by 4 inches when I did. The big boys know to wait for the easy pickings.The poly wing comparadun is bullet proof. I never changed flies, but sure use a lot of frog’s fanny.

Willy Palmer


Saw your latest posting regarding 6 brookies released this year. For what its worth, I have caught a total of 6 brook trout in 9 seasons fishing the Gunpowder. Two were caught this year. The 6 were dispersed all along the catch and release section. Of the two caught this year, one was taken above the mouth of Panther Branch and the other above Falls Road. All were small but beautiful.

Bob Hammer