Fish or Leaf? along the Gunpowder River

The Gunpowder river is low, clear and 48F. If you’re nymphing the most important question this week has been;  fish or leaf? Quite a few large fish have been reported this week and anglers are stalking fish from the plunge pool below the dam all the way to Upper Glencoe Rd. You’ll find more water, more flow and less pressure below Bluemount Rd. Black flies  in the #18-20 range are just starting above Falls Rd, and if you’re dead set on fishing smaller dries, try an Olive sparkle dun in a #20-22 from Masemore through York Rd. Pools full of log jams and deadfalls are great places to toss #4-6 brown light bright zonkers. Ospreys and…you guessed it, Herons are enjoying the low water as witnessed by a half eaten 17″ brown I found Friday in a back eddy just above the Hemlocks. In other news, on November 22nd Dave Gerhadt turned 94! Happy belated Birthday Dave and we’ll see you on the river.

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