Redding California Fly Fishing Fan Praises Backwater Angler

Many thanks to Miguel for the High Praise!

Dear Reader,
I am not sure which staff member reads these emails, however I have met many of the guides and employees of the Backwater Angler Fly shop so hopefully this email reaches a familiar face.  My name is Miguel CuUnjieng, I am 20 years old and go to school at Santa Clara University but attended high school in northern Virginia.  I am the young angler who calls and comes in during the summers, thanksgiving and Christmas time (when ever I am actually in the area) with stories of fly fishing out here in Redding, CA.
The Gunpowder is my favorite river to fish anywhere, I fish the river as often as I can (usually about 15 times a year on average) and I consider it my home river although my family is in Virginia.  I think that your website is one of the most professional, clean, informative yet personal fly shop sites, and easily the best of the DC area fly shops.  In addition, at your location, everytime I have asked for help or picked out a couple flies I have been greatly assisted and I attribute all my success on the river to your expert advice and knowledgble employees.  Although I have only been fly fishing for seven years, the Gunpowder River and your fly shop have instilled in me a insatiable desire to be on the water and a profound passion for fly fishing.
Tight Lines,
       Miguel CuUnjieng