Gunpowder River Midge, Caddis, Hendricksons afoot, and Shad…

The Gunpowder river is low, clear and flowing at 36 Cfs. The water temperature last evening at Falls Rd was 49 F. Early morning temps are closer to 45 F. The trees along the river are budding out and there are some wonderous colors reflecting in the clear pools out there. Lack of shade has made fishing tough on bright days. Midge activity has been steady from Masemore through Falls Rd. Flies in the #20-22 range have been productive in the flats, especially in shaded areas. Caddis in the #18-20 range  are just starting at Masemore through Bunkerhill Rd. If you’d like to use larger flies, a  few Hendricksons have been spotted as far downstream as  Corbett Rd. The lower river in the 5 fish a day stretch from the red posts above Upper Glencoe Rd. through Phoenix Rd. will be closed from this Sunday, April 20 until 5:30 AM on April 26. 

Thanks to Louis for the following Shad Report,

Stopped by the lower Gunpowder in Joppatown on Jason’s recommendation. Shad live in the suburbs! The river was super low, but I met a couple kids who said they saw a few upstream of the rail bridge in pool below the chutes. Not many of them, but caught a couple and a white perch on mini pink and white clousers and a chartreuse dart. I’ll definitely have to give it another shot. There was still a lot of sun in the sky when I decided to head the rest of the way up to Deer Creek. Absolutely tons of shad above the pumping station. A handful of fishermen to go with them, but plenty of space. Caught a few more, good size – 14-16 inches – but didn’t really get a good handle on the favorite color of the day. Too few good drifts, I think. Maybe I’ll go back to practice tomorrow. Thanks, as always, for your help and advice, and good luck on with the move.
Happy Fishing,
Louis Kovacs, Baltimore