Don Quixote and Quills along the Gunpowder River

Gunpowder Rainbow on a Zebra Midge
The Gunpowder river is flowing at 80 Cfs, is clear and 45 to 47 F throughout the catch and release section. We’ve led guide trips just about every day this week and the fishing, (and catching) is steadily improving. Hendricksons are early this year…and Bwo’s are on the move, especially on cloudy and cool mornings. With stoneflies on the wane, Don Quixote, dressed in a suit of waders stands in the Gunpowder river, poised with a long rod instead of a lance, hoping that a few Quills, (Blues and Gordons) will show themselves, albeit briefly. A big Parachute Adams, a #18 Griffith’s Gnat and/or a Bi-visible in a #14-16 will move a good many fish out of riffles and flats. While you’re up, stop in and pick up a few snowshoe rabbit Hendrickson emergers, cripples and duns from the muffin tins on the front counter. Please give us a call at 410-357-9557 or drop us a line at if you’d like us to mail you a mixed dozen of these effective Gunpowder Patterns. If you’re planning on fishing into the evening, it’s not too early to pick up a few rusty spinners…

Thanks to John for the stream report from March 31,

I fished upstream of Masemore to the bridge. I only saw maybe a few rising fish, and a few midges. Windy and cloudy until mid afternoon. Caught three browns on streamers.
See you next week.

…and to Ryan for the stream report and picture from April 3,

Thanks for the help on Monday. I fished from the upper falls lot to the dam from about 3:00-6:30. There was not much of a hatch and very few rising fish, however they were very eager to take a zebra midge. I managed to bring about ten trout to hand, the best fish being a beautiful 12 inch rainbow. I attached a few pics. Thanks again.

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