Sulphur Spinners along the Gunpowder

The Gunpowder river is flowing at 70 CFs, is 62-67 F throughout the catch and release section and is clear. Those waiting to fish Sulphurs in June may well be disappointed as we’ve had sulphurs for over three weeks now along the Gunpowder river. Small cream midges in the #20 range and caddis sized #16 to 18 are also accounting for more than a few fish. We just received some button parachute emergers and quill bodied spinners that the fish are clobbering! Want to trick wild fish? Check the muffin tins and be sure to pick up some 7x while you’re at it…
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Thanks to Adam for the following stream report.

Thanks for hooking me up with the tippet last night and for the nice little spinner fly; it certainly saw some wear and tear from the jaws of a few feisty brown trout at dusk. I headed to the section above Falls road and didn’t wet my line until almost 7:00. While hiking up toward the dam, I saw Jason and a fellow angler having a pre-hatch snack. We chatted for a minute, and then I made my way upstream. The action was hot! I started off with a size 14 tannish, yellow parachute sulphur and a size 16 emerger pattern as a dropper. The bug activity was impressive. I saw a couple different sizes of sulphurs, in addition to some of the regular smaller bugs. Also, the combination of subtle rises and water clearing leaps, made it hard to know which patterns to stick with. I ended up changing flies a few times but the darker, size 16 parachute and the size 16 orange spinner patterns took the most fish, even more than the emerger. I caught my last trout at 8:43 before I made the hike up the hill to my car at dark. Awesome night!
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