Fly Fisherman Magazine Stops In…

Fly Fisherman Magazine
Fly Fisherman Magazine paid the shop a visit this Summer after the magazine accepted an article that Backwater Angler intern Alex McCrickard submitted on the Gunpowder river. The article should appear in the publication in 2010. Stay tuned! Way to go Alex-all of that time on the water paid off!

Alex McCrickard explains the writing process:

It started during the 3rd quarter of my senior year when my English teacher allowed us to compose our own syllabuses. I suggested that I write one essay a week on a topic of my choice within the art of fly fishing. My plan was to also submit an article or two to a magazine in an attempt to get published. My English teacher, Mr. Brown, was all for it. After a few weeks of mediocre essays, I decided to write about the Gunpowder. I submitted an article on the sulphur hatch to Fly Fisherman Magazine. I received a great response, but my article still needed work. I took a step back and wrote about fishing the Gunpowder River through the seasons. Three months later, out of the blue, I received an email from Fly Fisherman Magazine saying they wanted the article. Look for the article to appear in the magazine this coming spring.