Gunpowder River Gets More Wader Wash Stations

Thanks to Ron Klauda, Director of the Monitoring and Non-tidal Assessment Division in Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources and Co-Chairman of DNR’s Invasive Species Matrix Team for visiting the shop on Oct 27 and giving a very insightful invasive species talk. The talk was well attended and included overviews of invasives ranging from Snakeheads to Virile Crayfish. Ron also pointed out other less conspicuous invasives like the introduced Blue and Flathead Catfish that are equally challenging to manage. He also reported on Didymo and the steps MD/DNR and Backwater Angler have taken to contain it within the Gunpowder. Because of the hard work undertaken by DNR and Baltimore County staff at DNR’s Gwynnbrook facility we’ll have five more wader wash stations along the Gunpowder River this season. Thanks to all of the DNR and Baltimore County staff for their hard work in putting the stations together!

Here’s a photo of the DNR folks from our Invasive Species Matrix Team that built the 12 new wader wash stations on Oct. 28. The Team Co-chair, Jonathan McKnight, is the third person from the left.

Ron Klauda

Wader Wash Crew