Gunpowder River Stream Reports from Mid-August

Gunpowder River Wild Brown
The Gunpowder River is flowing at 64 CFs, is 55 degrees and clear. Wild fish have been taking caddis during the trico hatches mid mornings. We’re still using reverse hackled patterns tied on 7X in the #20-22 range to imitate the Tricos in the flats. If you’re focusing on riffles try an x-caddis trailed by a caddis emerger pattern between Falls Rd and Bunkerhill Rd. York Rd downstream has been especially productive with unweighted wooly buggers and ants. Try fishing around any log jams along shaded undercut banks with these patterns and get some fishing in before summer wanes.

Thanks to Richard for the stream report and photo:

Dear Backwater Angler,

I tried fishing the Gunpowder river on August 10, 2011. Conditions were good at Falls road bridge where I caught one fish on a green wooly bugger. Prior to that I had a hit on a cinnamon ant. Bad news is that my camera went for a swim and it is still drying out but working. After my camera’s dip in the Gunpowder, I went down to big pool by the bridge close to Hereford High school and caught another little brownie on a cinnamon ant. It appears that streamers and ants are the way to go in the summer time. Tight lines and hold on to your camera,

Richard P. Gunion

And thanks to Seth for the following stream report that highlights a nice summer evening afield.


Thanks again for the flies. Fished for two gorgeous hours tonight. #18 caddis seemed to be the ticket. Not a lot of bugs in the air or on the water – so not a lot of rises. I did get to see two fish skyrocket out of the water though – seemed like heat-seeking missles. Major air. And had a beaver swim under my line two feet in front of me – crazy! Caught three lost two. I was suprised to see how the air temps dropped so dramatically as the sun was setting. I was actually shivering in the water. I guess Fall’s not too far away.

Note: As of 8/25 the Gunpowder was flowing at 116 Cfs.