Prettyboy Spillover Leads to Gunpowder River Flooding Mayhem

Gunpowder River Spillover at Prettyboy Reservoir
At one o’clock yesterday the Gunpowder river was flowing at 1,840 CFs, (7.8 FT), and was 70.7 F at Falls rd. The National Weather Service rainfall totals left by the remnants of tropical storm Lee were 9.2 inches in Parkville. The highest flows recorded during this spillover event were 11.62 feet measured at Falls Rd-we don’t have a relative Cfs for this river height yet but it’s likely well over 2,500 CFs. Roads are closed along the lower river and with good reason. The Gunpowder River is lapping against houses along Falls Rd between Monkton and Corbett. Provisional #’s from USGS put flows at Little Falls, a tributary of the Gunpowder that enters at Blue Mount Rd at an estimated 6, 180 CFs and 13.96 FT. More provisional #’s from USGS indicated flows at Lower Glencoe Rd were 4,470 CFs and 12.8 FT. In short the Gunpowder is over it’s banks, deep, fast moving and very dangerous at present. Pictures from Adrian Kostrubiak’s show mayhem–Gunpowder River water pushing over Falls Rd, flows over street level at Masemore Rd, the absence of the pedestrian bridge over Bush Cabin run and water reaching the bottom span of the new bridge at Big Falls Rd. Thanks to Willy for the note and update about conditions along the new bridge over the Gunpowder at Big Falls Rd.

Janet tells me the river is over the new bridge on Big Falls today. We haven’t seen that very often (never?)

I hope all’s well with you after the deluge.


Willy P

The Baltimore Sun covered the flood conditions and an update on the reservoir levels today in an article titled; Another Day of High Water and Rising Rivers in MD

Baltimore’s three reservoirs were reported to be overflowing. Public Works spokeswoman Celeste Amato said, “Loch Raven is 4.93 feet over crest. Prettyboy is 2.97 feet over crest. We are releasing some water from Prettyboy, but only about 150 [cubic feet per second], an insignificant amount compared with what is going over the spillway.”