A First Fish for a Fine Fly Fisherman

Fly Fishing the Hereford Area of Gunpowder State Park
The Gunpowder River is flowing at 108 CFS, is 53.5 F and is clear. The Sulphur hatch has been a bit off since last weekend’s flood and the river has been stabilizing in temperature and flow all week. Solid reports of spinner falls starting as late as 8:00 PM are coming in. One Gunpowder regular, on his way up to Penns this morning, reported that he released a 16″ plus rainbow above Falls Rd. Sulphur duns, including Snowshoe rabbit patterns and traditional feather winged duns sized #16-18, have been working midday. For fishing between hatches or in this case between the hatch and the spinner fall, bead head wooly buggers in the #8 range have been working fine in and around the woody debris. Mornings have been more productive with size #14-16 pheasant tail nymphs. Bright days have been tough this week-think of Browns as hung-over humans and you’ll have the right frame of reference. No Noise, no bright lights, food only when it’s close by…Clouds rolling in most afternoons have been welcome if only for the shade and cover they provide. last week and picked up a few partridge and orange soft hackles on the way out. This week, I felt very fortunate to spend a great couple of hours afield with a new angler from Texas this week. We spent time fishing sulphur duns and streamers in the boulder pools where we were mobbed by a trio of Great Blue Herons and finished up nymphing the powerline riffle the next bright, brisk morning. His first fly caught fish was a chunky wild Gunpowder Brown that fell for a pheasant tail from the muffin tins. It all happened very quickly and began with a smart roll cast, a perfect drift, when…the indicator stopped, then moved left, the line tightened and the light rod doubled over-it was a fish that did not come easily to the net. He released the fish with equal grace and is well on his way to becoming a fine fly fisherman who is always welcome to stop up for a little R&R.

Fishing in the Hereford Area of Gunpowder State Park for Brown Trout