Gunpowder River Sulphurs and Tricos

Wild Gunpowder Brown on a Caddis
The Gunpowder River is flowing at 76 Cfs, is 51 to 55 F throughout the catch and release section and is clear. Sulphurs are still a good bet midday. We have a new cripple and emerger patterns in the muffin tins. The river has dropped in level which makes it easy for some-as long as one fishes long, light and small –and harder for others-especially if one likes the idea of wading hip deep to cool off. The lower river still has a good many hatchery rainbows that will take streamers with abandon in the pools behind log Jams. For early risers, tricos are just starting at Masemore RD. Al’s trico, as tied by Mike Bachkosky is a great pattern for anyone fishing with cheaters because it is reverse hackled through the bend of the hook instead of behind the eye. The profile of the fly is heavily hackled so that it skates and skitters and they are best fished on 6 or 7x. Thanks to Michael for joining me on the stream this week. The wild fish pictured above and released during the trip was beautiful!