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Sulphurs and Showers Make for Great Dry Fly Fishing

Gunpowder River Wild Brown Trout
The Gunpowder River is clear, flowing at 92 Cfs and is 51 degrees F. Cloudy, overcast days can be some of the best to times to trick wild Gunpowder Browns. The river is at a great level for wading but a little cold to wet wade comfortably. We just received a shipment of Sulphur emerger patterns. Be sure to use dry shake to keep the patterns on the surface and skating. With most of the didymo on the way out try, nymphing has been much easier throughout the catch and release section. Try a small curved shank copper beaded pheasant tail in a #14-18 behind a thingamabobber rigged at about twice the water depth. Nymphing is a nice way to cover the riffles between the hatch and the spinner fall. The best dry fly fishing has been midday in the riffles. Warmer evenings have resulted in more consistent spinner falls. The fishing can be tough late, especially in the flats, so use a 12 ft leader ending in 6x or 7x and limit your casting to reduce dreaded tangles in the dark.
Big Gunpowder River Brown Trout