Sight fishing the Gunpowder with Ants, Beetles and Hoppers

July flows on the Gunpowder river

The Gunpowder River is low and clear and flowing at 44 CFs and 54 degrees F. Find some shade and you’ll find some fish. Tippet in the 6 to 7x range is a must. Long Leaders starting at ten feet will ask make a big difference in whether your tricking fish or not. Thanks to Chris Karwacki for the great morning shot of the Gunpowder and to Gene for the following stream report:

The river is shallow, clear with ideal water temperatures for trout fishing.Terrestrials are having opportunistic fish looking up to the surface for ants, hoppers and beetles and will take them along shady banks. Midges will catch fish. Using a small zebra midge behind a caddis pattern is a good bet in the catch and release section-particuarly above falls Rd. The low water levels have forced fish to the deeper pools, and sight fishing with a pair of good polarized lens sunglasses is an effective way to catch fish. You’ll be able to see fish and know where they are for next time.

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