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Springtime Snow on the Gunpowder River

Snowy banks in the Sun
The Gunpowder is at 38 cfs, 39 degrees F and clear.

We received a healthy dose of snow over the past two days to welcome us into spring. This has brought water temps back down temporarily. The river is looking to be in good shape by the weekend once the bulk of this snow melts and water temperature come back up again.

Fishing small midge imitations, both dry and subsurface have been productive. Dries have been best in the afternoon when water temps spike. Mornings have been good for nymphing. Pheasant tails size 16 are working well right now as our April mayfly hatches are almost ready to start hatching.

If you’re fishing over the next few days, the footing along the river is quite slippery due to recent snow fall, take care – particularly when getting in and out the river.

1st day of Spring on the Gunpowder C & R section

March Fly Fishing on the Gunpowder River

Gunpowder Brown Trout
The Gunpowder is at 38 cfs, starting the day at 40 degrees F and carrying some color. Since the flows have been bumped down from 65 to 38 cfs the fishing has slowed up markedly. The trout seem to go into a state of shock after flows drop to this level for the first time in a while. With less water however, water temperatures will rise fast with some mild air temps and sunshine, this will bring on some spring hatches before long. Nymphing and streamers is the way to go until then.
Boulder Pools

Stoneflies and Midges along the Gunpowder River

Gunpowder Brown Trout
Thanks to Ethan Lawson for the stream report and photo:

The Gunpowder River is flowing at 61 CFS and 40F. Fishing on the Gunpowder picked up a bit this week as mild air temperatures allowed water temperatures to creep out of the 30s and reach 40F. A few degree bump in water temperatures seemed to bring the river to life a bit more than weeks past. Winter stones could be seen along the riverbank and even a few splashy rises were reported. Drifting small stonefly nymphs and midges is always a good bet this time of year. Streamers will work. In the late afternoon when water temps are at their peak, try an adult stonefly pattern in the faster water. You may be surprised!

Fishing Report on the Gunpowder

NIce Gunpowder BrownThe Gunpowder River is flowing at 61 cfs, starting the day at 37 degrees F and it is carrying a little color.

It’s never easy to catch fish consistently at this time of year as water temperatures linger in the mid- 30’s. That said, persistence pays off, as demonstrated by Seth Hinder who has put in a lot of time fishing the Gunpowder all winter.  He caught this 17 inch brown swinging and stripping a zonker downstream erratically. Nice work Seth!

This weekend should see a break in the freezing nighttime temperatures, this will help get that water temperature up which will stir up the insect, then, trout activity. The weather is forecast to be cloudy, still and wet, ideal for some early season trout fishing!
Winter Flyfishing in Maryland

February on the Gunpowder

Winter Trout
The Gunpowder is at 91 cfs, starting the day 36.5 degrees at Falls Road, and clear.

Fishing on the Gunpowder is generally slow but time put in on the river always pays off. I fished Wednesday afternoon with Darin Crew above Falls road and we had the place to ourselves. The temperature was lingering below freezing but the wind had subsided allowing for comfortable fishing. Between us we covered a lot of water and ended with 5 trout but those caught were chunky wild browns between 9 – 14 inches.

When the water temperatures are as cold as they are, and little is hatching, odds are against catching numbers so it’s often worthwhile going for larger fish that may be tempted into opportunistic meal. Dead drifting streamers in the deeper pools is a great way to target these fish.

Winter Stoneflies on the Gunpowder

January Brown on the Gunpowder River
The Gunpowder is at an ideal 99cfs, starting the day at 36 cfs, and clear.Over the past week the discharge from Prettyboy dam has been gradually decreased from the 200+ cfs it was previously. At this current level, water temperature can really jump during a mild day, which looks good for the weekend. Early brown and little black stoneflies have been hatching, fishing a size 16 prince nymph is a good imitative pattern for these, which you will see crawling up logjams drying out their wings. If you see or hear a splashy rise, try skating a dry in the faster water, the first strong hatches of the year will tempt hungry fish to look up for a meal through early afternoon.
Hemlock Bend on the Gunpowder River

High Water on the Gunpowder

Winter Brown Trout

The Gunpowder is high at 285cfs, 39 F and progressively more stained downstream from Falls road.

The river is a different beast at these levels. Putting lots of weight onto your line is the way to go if nymphing, as the fish are sitting in deep water and will be sluggish. Zebra midges are working well. The issue is getting snagged more often as there is more debris washed into the river waiting to steal your fly.

I think that these levels are great for streamers, sink tip lines make a huge difference in keeping your streamer in the strike zone. The best bet of finding a larger, hungry trout is in the tails of pools and against structures like log jams.

Take special care when wading whilst the dam release remains as it is, I wouldn’t recommend crossing, and cleats will help keep your footing.
Powerline Riffle at

Winter Fishing on the Gunpowder

Pretty Boy Dam
The Gunpowder is flowing at 230 cfs, 38 degrees farenheit and off color.

Due to the freezing temperatures, fishing has not been easy. However, if you manage to stay warm and concentrate your fishing on days when the wind hasn’t been too harsh, the Gunpowder is producing. I fished New Years day and then Wednesday the 3rd. I caught several fish during a couple of hours on zebra midges on Monday when the water was clear, on Wednesday the water was stained and the flow was up to 195. Dead drifting woolly buggers picked up some nice wild fish. I had to work for them though and found them hugging the banks. Patagonia capilene underwear, gloves and shelled insulated pants make a huge difference to enjoying your outings during the winter months.

With a break in this cold weather this coming week, the fishing should get better. Fish will spread out in this higher volume of water and streamer fishing will work for those willing to put the time in. Czech nymphing is always an excellent way to search for fish when the water is stained like is it. Use caution when on the trails, put some cleats in your boots and avoid rocky areas if possible. Watch your step –  broken bones are not fun, I can attest to that recently!

Thanks to Jim Czawlytko for catching this photo of this pretty brown with the giant tail. 

Big Tail Wild Gunpowder Brown

Nice Levels on the Gunpowder this Holiday Season

Thanks to Gene for the following stream report and photos:

The Gunpowder is flowing at an ideal 87 cfs, clear and the water temperature has dropped below the 40 degree mark.

Fishing has been quite good considering how cold the air temperatures are. Edge ice is forming in increased amounts downstream from York road. Fishing between York road up to Falls has been the most consistent. Above Falls road the didymo is blooming as normal at this time of year. Streamers are worth a shot up there, fish them slowly and close to the bottom. Trout will eat in these cold temperatures but typically don’t move far to intercept food items. I’m finding that tiny pheasant tails, miracle nymphs zebra midges are effective. Anything bigger than a size 16 I find does not produce as much at these temperatures. The most productive time of the day is between 11-3 when the sun is at its highest.

At 1 pm today I walked the access points in the catch and release section, i counted 8 fishermen braving the sub zero temperatures, despite having to clear their guides of ice, wild fish were still being caught. Despite the challenges the cold brings to fishing, you won’t catch fish sitting on the sofa.

Keep a Tight Line this December on the Gunpowder

Gunpowder Wild BrownThe Gunpowder is at 74.4 cfs, clear and starting the day 44.5 degrees F. With the drop in air temperatures the fishing has been tricky on the Gunpowder. That said, fish are being caught, particularly for those anglers willing to tight line nymph. Jim Czawlytko enjoyed two snowy days of fishing over the weekend on the Gunpowder and got into plenty of wild brown trout. Jim found the action was on size 20 grey wd40 midges and size 22 pheasent tail nymphs. Fished with a tungsten beaded jig nymph on the point, which also caught fish. When the going gets cold, getting down to the bottom of the river is neccessery and czech nymphing is the most effective means of achieving this whilsts detecting delicate takes. As the afternoon wears on try a small streamer in the slacker water and back eddies.