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Fly Fishing the Gunpowder River

Thanks to Bryan Donoway for the stream report and photos:

The Gunpowder River is clear, flowing at 40 Cfs and is 46F. Most have found fly fishing the Gunpowder challenging during the past few bright days. Sometimes a longer leader and 7x makes all the difference in the flat water.

The Gunpowder is Flowing at 42 CFS and temps are ranging from 46- 48 degrees. With the past weekends mild weather, active fish could were rising throughout the catch and release sections of the river.

During a recent outing below the York Road access, fish could be found rising to midges in the slower sections. With the appearance of stoneflies along the river, try fishing a brown or black caddis (size 16-18) imitation with a Griffiths gnat dropper to draw some strikes.Fishing streamer patterns with a slow and erratic retrieve will draw some attention of hungry trout. Also, with cold weather approaching don’t be afraid of fishing a mouse pattern tight to the banks and retrieved steady and slow in a downstream and across presentation may surprise you. The trout above slammed a mouse pattern after the first slow strip.

Little Black Stoneflies on the Gunpowder River

The Gunpowder river is low and clear. It is flowing at 40 CFS and is 50F. Little black stoneflies or winter stones are now making their appearance along the banks of the Gunpowder. This photo, (thanks Jennie!)shows one of dozens that were found along a river bridge abutment this afternoon. Rainbows that were stocked in October along Upper and Lower Glencoe, Sparks and Phoenix Road access points are still being found up to 11 miles upstream in the catch and release section. Small prince nymphs and aug bugs are worth a shot. Try nymphing with 5x tippet and very little weight. Small traditional streamers are also worth a shot.

Gunpowder River November stream report

Rainy day at masemore

Thanks to Gene for the photos and following report:

The Gunpowder is 40 cfs at falls road and temperatures remain around the 50 degree mark.

November has brought chilly temperatures finally and some needed rain. Swinging small streamers or wet flies such as hares ear and royal coachman has made for very good fishing in the riffles and runs. Fish that are on the lookout for an opportunistic meal tend to be tight up against the banks. When targeting these areas, focusing on making shorter more accurate casts will produce more solid hook ups.

brown trout in net

Great dry fly sport on the Gunpowder

Changing seasons in the boulder pools
Thanks to Gene for the fishing report and photos:

The Gunpowder is flowing at 40cfs and water temperatures range from 49 degrees to the lower 50’s by midafternoon.
The Gunpowder has been fishing well, especially with dry flies. The surface action being the best between Falls to York road. Streamers and nymphs tend to be more effective above falls road in the boulder pools and in the faster riffles and runs. A simple elk hair caddis size 16 is a solid choice from mid day through to the evening. Soft hackle wet fly patterns like partridge and yellow or orange imitate the emerger well. Whilst the caddis hatches of tend not to be concentrated but spread out meaning the regularity of their presence keeps opportunistic trout on the lookout for them. Fishing with midges has also been productive, particularly in morning or evening, size 18-22 red or olive zebra midges imitating their drifting pupa and 20-22 snow flies imitating the emerger well. Griffiths gnats are always a great-go now of year of year. Everyone should spend time outdoors enjoying this beautiful time of year whilst it lasts!

wild spots

Leafy water and colorful trout on the Gunpowder

IMG_0900 (1)

The Gunpowder is running cold starting at 48 degrees at the start of the day, the level is 38 cfs and clear.

Thanks to Gene for the following Fishing report:
The fishing has been productive for those fishing caddis patterns. Size 16-18 has been the ticket and these have been coming off when the water hits the 50 degree mark, on warmer days this will be late morning on cooler days mid afternoon. In the evening if you scale down to fish midges in the flatter water this will catch fish. I like using size 22 emergers, 12 feet long leader and 7x tippet.

Thanks to Seth for the photos!


Late September on the Gunpowder


The Gunpowder is at 33 cfs and starting the day cold at 50 degrees at Falls road. The flows continue to be low for this time. However the past week the flows have been steady and with ideal water temperatures the fishing can be good, fish will always be opportunistic at this time of year. Caddis, around size 18, have been hatching in the afternoons through the evening from falls and the fish key in on these when happening. In the evenings, from the dam down to bunker hill area, tiny cream midges are hatching that are around size 24. Small subsurface patterns like Zebra midges, patterns for caddis pupa and small nymphs will do well in the riffles and fast water.

Rain and clear water on the Gunpowder

trout caught on an ant

Thanks to Gene for the fishing report and photos.

The Gunpowder is stable at 42 cfs, clear and starting the day at 54 degrees.

Following the push of water last week the river is back down to summer flows. Tributaries will add a little color to the river downstream from Falls Rd. Despite that the river is relatively clear until Little Falls at Bluemount Rd. Fishing with beetles, ants and small hoppers has been productive in the mornings especially. Small caddis size 18’s are coming off in the mornings and evenings. Tricos have been inconsistent as of yet this season.

evening on the lower river

Better Flows on the Gunpowder

chunky brown trout

The Gunpowder is at 73 cfs and water temperature remains in the mid 50’s at Falls road.

Since the flows have been increased Monday night the fishing has been great. The fish seem to have spread out and are very active. Streamers have been working really well, especially for the larger fish, after 4 weeks of low water. Much of the same has been working – terrestrials, caddis etc. Now you can encounter tricos around 8-9 am from bunker hill downstream: Fish should be reacting to those more each day from now whilst they last.

This fish was caught on a sculpin pattern 20 minutes after catching one a little bigger. In summary, don’t wait, fish these conditions whilst they last! We have guides ready to work with you on brushing up your skills whether that’s with dries, wets, streamers or nymphs.

Low Water on the Gunpowder

Fat gunpowder fish

Thanks to Gene for the following stream report and photos:

The river remains at 32 cfs and water temperatures swing from 52 up to the 60 degree mark. The fishing on the Gunpowder has been tough for the most part. Hot weather, low water and heavy use of the river from other form of recreation are creating for naturally difficult conditions. However those willing to go out during rainy, dark conditions, early morning or late evening when the river is quiet, trout are often willing to pounce on a well presented fly whether it be an ant, cricket, beetle or caddis. This fat fish for example was caught after heavy rain cleared people off the river and the fish were snapping up terrestrials with gusto. Tricos are around the corner!

Ants and Midges abound on the Gunpowder

The Gunpowder is low, 32 cfs, and cold – starting the day at 52 degrees at Falls road.
Thanks to Gene for the great stream report and photo:

Terrestrials fished tight along the banks is the one of the best ways of fooling trout at this time of year. Quiet approaches and long leaders will increase your chances of success. Evening and morning have larger fish on the lookout for an easy meal like this trout pictured that devoured a size 16 parachute ant. Midges are the main hatch that will bring fish up in the slower water. When the surface activity is quiet euro nymphing is an effective means of catching fish in shallow riffles and fast runs.

Ant hunter