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Sulphurs and Caddis on the Gunpowder

Gunpowder Wild Brown Trout
The Gunpowder is flowing 147 CFs, is 56 degrees F and is clearing.Thanks to Gene for the stream report and to Ethan for the great photo of a wild Gunpowder Brown caught and released on a caddis. We have guides available next week. Call the shop at 410-357-9557 to reserve one today-don’t wait until June to fish the Sulphur hatch!

Flows on the river have been perfect for fishing. Fish have been stacked in the riffles looking for food. Sulphurs have been coming off starting in the morning and continuing on and off until the evening. Air temperatures have not been high enough to bring on any large spinner falls but the emergers and duns are keeping the trout occupied. Cloudy days often bring size 20 blue winged out to hatch. Caddis also have been coming off through the day that many of the fish are keyed into. Fish for these using x-caddis size 14-16. Enjoy the conditions whilst they last!

Great Streamer Water on the Gunpowder River

Thanks to Gene for the stream report and photos. We have Airflo polyleaders in stock that will make the difference when swinging flies in fat water. The River will be clearing by Sunday.Limit your wading and don’t wade across the River if you can help it. Watch out for boaters this weekend as flows are high for safe paddling. New jams can be found throughout the River from Bunkerhill downstream to the NCR trail Bridge below Corbett so it’s best to scout the river on foot prior to any float to check out portaging spots.

The Gunpowder is flowing at 285 cfs and temperature is a little under 60 F. The river is off color and high this weekend but as it drops the streamer fishing is the way to go, try dead drifting wooly buggers, or stripping them in slacker water. Nymphing will work too but using heavy patterns to get the flies down to the fish.


Caddis on the Gunpowder River


The Gunpowder is clear, flowing at an ideal 116Cfs and is 59.5 F. A mixed hatch of the last of the Hendricksons, Sulfurs, Quills and Caddis. Don’t postpone joy! Gi fly fishing this weekend.Thanks to Gene for the stream report and photos:

Plenty of fish have been caught on hendricksons on the top the past two weeks from noon through the afternoon. Sulphurs will catch fish in the upper river around masemore to the dam. Caddis size 16’s have been effective during the day between masemore and big falls, emergers are working great in the riffles, swinging wet flies such as hares ear wets or partridge and orange soft hackles. The fish are really active and with ideal water temperatures the fishing is about as good as one could want for the time of year.


Easter Fly Fishing on the Gunpowder

The Gunpowder River is clear, low at 30 Cfs and 58 degrees.Thanks to Gene for the great stream report and great shot of a wild brown with a Sulfur Comparadun.

March Brown and Hendricksons have been coming off the past few days from Masemore through to Big Falls. Trout have been looking to the surface in the afternoon through the evening. Pheasant tail nymphs are still the ticket in the faster water along with soft hackles and hares ear wets. Sulphurs are still to be found from Masemore up to the dam and you can use emergers and CDC duns to match the hatch. Mike Bachkosky’s snowshoe rabbit emergers, unusuals and red quill parachutes have been working fantastically.

Please note: We will be closed Easter Sunday-find an egg or find a wild fish!

Clear Water in the Gunpowder after Heavy Rain

The Gunpowder River is clear flowing at 37 CFs and is 48 degrees F. Thanks to Gene for the stream report!

Heavy rain yesterday saw Little Falls rise to 2500 cfs. Downstream from where it joins the main stem of the Gunpowder saw levels of almost 3000 cfs – 2 feet above the flood level.

Whilst the upper Gunpowder was stained yesterday and high with surface runoff from roads, levels quickly fell back to normal overnight and its back to 38cfs and clear by today. For the weekend nice temperatures and sunshine should bring out more Sulphurs and Hendricksons in the catch and release sections of the river. Look to fish the faster water with pheasent tail nymphs and emergers size 12-14 and you’ll encounter feeding trout.

Mayflies in March on the Gunpowder

The Gunpowder River is clear, flowing at 32Cfs and is 47 degrees F. Thanks to Gene for the great stream report and photos!

As we end March on the Gunpowder march browns and hendricksons are hatching. However what is most unusual is the fact that sulphurs size 14-16 are hatching alongside them, mainly in the upper sections of the river. The mayflies are being picked off by trout of all sizes from the nymphs in the morning, emergers to the duns by the afternoon. The low flows mean that long leaders and 6-7x tippet are required for presenting a dry fly. Don’t wait until June to fly fish sulphurs this year!
–Gene Howson


Warmer Water Temps and Active Trout on the Gunpowder River


The Gunpowder River is clear and flowing at 38 CFs. Water temps this week have been swinging as high as 48 degrees F. Wind has been the only detractor. Thanks to Gene for the stream report and photos.

Spring is around the corner & with the pleasant spells in weather we’ve been having dry fly fishing has been particularly productive on the Gunpowder. Small grey midge patterns are the go-to when fish are rising. Nymphing in riffles has been been consistent on zebra midges and brassies. Darin Crew caught this healthy looking 13 inch fish doing just that. I have been fishing streamers recently, stripping them slowly tricked this 15 inch fish that ate a black and green wooly bugger.


Fly Fishing in February on the Gunpowder River

Tom Starrs with a nice Wild Brown
The Gunpowder River is clear, flowing at 38 Cfs and is 41 degrees F. Weather this weekend should be on the warm side which may result in a nice bump in water temps. Stoneflies, BWO’s and cream midges will be part of the mix. As the latest stream report will attest-fish those streamers people! Didymo is still about above Falls Rd so try a little lower if you’re dead set on nymphing. Thanks to Tom Starrs for the great stream report and photo.

It’s been a while. I was just in the shop last Sunday, it was my first time at the new location. The shop looks nice as always. I spoke to Gene (the young man from the UK). We were speaking about the cold and clear water that we have been seeing so far this year in the tributaries (Little Falls, Beetree and such). It makes for tough fishing, the trout are little lethargic and they get a good look at everything you throw. I told him it would be good if we got a little rain. We talked about working woolly buggers on some of our exceptional area wild trout streams this time of the year, fishing the deeper holes and undercut banks where the trout will be holding. I picked up a few woolly buggers, some tippet and a new Backwater Angler hat.-Well we got some rain today. So I hit one of other streams in the Gunpowder watershed. The conditions were nearly perfect to give my new hat a workout!

Tom Starrs

February Gunpowder Stream Report


The Gunpowder River is clear, flowing at 38 CFs and is 38 Degrees F. Thanks to Gene for the Gunpowder stream report!

Fishing has been very productive on the warmer days. You’ll see stoneflies skittering across the surface size 16 early afternoon. I’ve found the trout tend to ignore the adult but will be looking for the nymph in the riffles. American pheasant tails and prince nymphs imitate these well at the heads of pools. Midges (20 – 22) often hatch alongside them and you can find fish rising to these in the slacker water in the tails of pools. With the weather warming up this weekend rising water temperatures once again will provide good fishing opportunities between Falls to Big Falls road. Upstream from Falls to the dam is better fished with a streamer or small dry midge pattern.


Groundhog Day Gunpowder River Stream Report

Log Jam Mojo

The Gunpowder River is clear, flowing at 37 CFs and is almost 40 degrees F. Nymphing works this time of year. Dry fly fishing is not out of the realm. Chances are you won’t catch a fish if you are sitting on the couch. Remember-fly fishing before football.

Thanks to Gene Howson for the stream report and pictures:

Groundhog Day Update:

With the consistent water flow and the mild winter I have found the fishing to be very good for the time of year. Particularly following rain or during calmer conditions. Optimum fishing times are between 11-3 when the water temperature peak. Fishing nymphs; tungsten midges, prince and pheasant tail nymphs size 16 are working great in the faster water. As for dry flies, small crippled midge patterns and Mike Bachkosky’s cream midges (size 22) which we have in the shop are great at this time of year in the calmer water.

I was out with Darin Crew for a few hours on Tuesday, fishing a tandem nymph rig under an airlock indicator was productive once the temperatures rose above 40 degrees. The best of the bunch caught by Darin was a robust wild trout in the region of 15 inches which engulfed a red zebra midge. We saw clouds of small cream midges and a good amount of black stoneflies coming off the water from midday til 3pm and the fish were rising in the slack water for the midges.

Everyone should take some time to enjoy this pleasant weather we’re having and spend a few hours on the Gunpowder!

Gunpowder Brown Trout  Release