Gunpowder River Fishing Report

The Gunpowder is currently flowing at 63 cfs and the water temp is 54 spiking up to 57 in the middle of the day. The river is fishing well despite the cooler water temps. Caddis have been the main food source for these fish the past few weeks, but don’t discount Mayflies. the fish are still looking for sulfurs. Ants and Beetles have been producing as well. If you are fishing in the middle of the day we suggest using a dry dropper. Fishing patterns such as a stimulator, Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Ant, or small Chubby Chernobyl. dropping a small Pheasant Tail, Hares Ear, or Zebra Midge off the back of your dry has been the most productive set up. make sure to use flotant on those dry flies. The fish have been more aggressive towards the high floating dries. Make sure to stop in the shop for new patterns. If you are looking for a guided trip to fine tune your skills or learn to fish on the Gunpowder, make sure to call the shop and book a trip.















Gunpowder River Fishing Report






The river is currently flowing at 76cfs the water temp is 53 degrees. Despite the lower flows the river is remaining cold. Caddis and sulfurs are the way to go. Getting out early in the morning or in the evening has been the most productive time to catch fish. Throwing patterns such as an Elk Hair Caddis or Goddard Caddis have been working well. Something that sits very high on the waters surface has been producing the best results. The same goes for sulfur dries. Patterns like a CDC Comparadun and Sparkle Emerger have been working best. Fishing a dry dropper is a good idea as well. Dropping a size 16-18 Pheasant Tail or Quilldigon 1.5-2 feet of the back of your dry fly is a great way to do it. Don’t pass up terrestrial fishing. While it’s still early in the season small hoppers or ant patterns have been able to entice a couple of fish. Make sure to stop in the shop to stock up on some flies. 

Gunpowder River Fishing Report

The river is currently flowing at 90cfs and the water temperature is 52 degrees. The sulfurs are here! Late morning and early evening have been their most active. We have lots of sulfur patterns in the shop so make sure to stop on in and refill your fly box. The upper to middle stretches have been fishing the best. The fish are sitting in deeper riffles and slow deep pools. patterns such as a Sulfur Soft Hackle, Parachute Sulfur, and sparkle emerger have been the top producing patterns. fish have also been looking for cassis on the surface. A simple X-Caddis or Elk Hair Caddis have been the best flies for the job.

Gunpowder River Fly Fishing Report


The river is currently flowing at 131 cfs and the water temperature is fluctuating between 56 and 52 degrees. With the more consistent flows and the higher water temps that means the sulfur season is here! Fish are eager to rise, especially in the upper sections of the river like Falls Rd through York Rd. Throwing a sulfur dry has produced results along with a dropper off the back. Caddis nymphs have been very effective the last few weeks. Patterns such as a basic Duracell jig or a Green caddis nymph have been working best. The fish are also eating BWOs. Fishing just a standard Olive dry in a size 16-20 behind a Sulfur or just on its own had been working well. Make sure to stop in the shop to restock your fly box for the spring and summer. If you are having trouble figuring out the fish on the Gunpowder, consider doing one of our fly fishing schools or guided trips. Call the shop or visit our online store for more details.



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Gunpowder River Stream Report

High water means it’s time to bust out the heavy gear. The water is currently flowing at 322cfs and dropping. Water temp during the day reaches 48 degrees. Streamers have been the most productive style of fishing these last few days. Olive and black streamers have been working best with the occasional take on white. Patterns like the Complex twist bugger in black, Black Zonker, Hare Sculpin, and Olive and Black Wooly Buggers. Stripping the fly at a faster rate have produced the best results. Other methods like nymphing and dries have been productive. Fishing a double nymph indicator rig has proved results. Just make sure not to leave home without your split shot. Any Mayfly or caddis nymph has been producing along with the occasional stone fly. Make sure to stop in the shop to stock up on flies and gear. Try and stay in the upper sections of the river as for the lower river is very high and muddy, but that should clear up within the next few days. Come on in to check out our New Fishpond Inventory and Patagonia wading staffs.

Guided Fly Fishing Trips on the Gunpowder River

Recent rainfall has increased the flows in the river, and the fishing has begun to pick up.  We have had many successful trips as we start the transition into Spring. Looking ahead, even better fishing is yet to come. We are currently booking both half day (4hr) and full day (6hr) guided trips on the Gunpowder.

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If you would like to fish with us, please call the shop at 410-357-9557.

Ides of March Gunpowder River Stream Report

The Gunpowder River is flowing at 100 Cfs and 48 degrees F. Soft hackles on the swing are producing and fish are rising to BWO’s and Midges.That said, using a longer leader ending in 6X is always a good idea on the Gunpowder! Thanks to Will-who took this great shot and served as the net man for the lucky guy (name to follow) that connected with this chunky Wild Brown-look at that Heron strike! With the flows up it was caught in the flat water in the Catch and Release section. Please note the lower River-5 fish a day section is under Closure 1 and will reopen March 30 at 6:30 AM. Flies to consider now are Zebra midges, RS2’s, and Pheasant Tails in the #18-22 range. Those interested in fishing something larger dries-get ready, and don’t be surprised to see a wayward Cahill, but not quite a hatch, out there verging on an easy to see #12-14. We have new products from Dr. Slick on the wall this weekend and next week drop on by for new rods from Echo and Tacky fly boxes gear bags and accessories from Fishpond coming in next week!

Gunpowder River Fishing Report


The river is still low flowing at 19cfs, and the water temp is 43 degrees. We recommend fishing midge and stonefly patterns. Fish are going to be more lethargic with cooler temperatures, so we recommend trying to get those nymphs down as close to the bottom as possible. Tightline fishing or indicator nymphing have both produced results. Patterns such as the Prince nymph and Pheasant tail have been great flies along with the WD40 and Hares ear. Do your best to stay out of the water to avoid spooking with in the low water. Tight lines

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Gunpowder River Fishing Report


The river has been running at it’s usual low. Up by Falls Rd the river is flowing at 19cfs and the water temperature is 39 degrees. While fishing has been tough with the lower water, there are still fish to be caught. We suggest targeting the deeper pools and runs with small midges and mayfly patterns. Patterns such as the WD40 and Zebra Midges have been the top producing midge patterns. Pheasant tails and Hares ears have been our go to nymphs over the last month or so. We like to fish these in smaller sizes with no bead on them. Its getting to that time of year where the stoneflies are having some of the trout looking to the surface of the river. While catching fish on dries has been tough with the water conditions, it can be done. If you do this we suggest throwing a slightly larger stonefly dry and then a smaller stonefly nymph. Tight lines.