Monthly Archives: March 2003

Opening Day Chaos

This Saturday, March 29th is the opening day of the stocked trout season. It will be a very busy time on the lower river between Corbett Rd. and Sparks Rd.. Be sure to bring your own rock, (so that you have a place to stand) and a camera, because even your best friend won’t believe the spectacle. Egg patterns, woolly buggers and large nymphs should spell disaster for these hatchery darlings. Of course we would suggest that everyone releases their catch but who are we fooling. In the upper river above Bluemount anglers should find lots of Wild browns taking little black and early brown stoneflies in the riffles.These dries range in size from #14-18 and are prevalent throughout the upper river.It is especially important to look for downed trees and log jams because the stones have to crawl out before they hatch. Water temp is around 42 F and is still low and clear.

The Susqehanna Flats Catch and Release Season will start on March 15th.

The Susqehanna Flats Catch and Release Season will start on March 15th and will last thru May 3rd. This stretch of water is where a lot of the market gunning for ducks took place.

Be sure to stop in the Decoy Museum after a morning on the flats. Eight weight rods work well but nine weight rods will allow one to throw bigger flies and handle heavier sinking lines. Our favorite lines are the Airflo 200 and 300 grain Depthfinders and the Scientific Angler’s Wet-Tip Express Sal*****er in 275 and 375 grain.