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Happy Birthday Willie…

The river is clear and at a great level, flow is 156 Cfs and temp is 56 F. A nice 12″ fish was caught yesterday just above Bunkerhill on a #16 pheasant tail Hendrickson emergers#14-16, pheasant tails #12-16, Grizzly midges#20-22 and black fur ants #14-16 have been working at Masemore. Try large streamers in the deeper pools and deadfalls and be sure to use a nice long leader for the tiny dries.

Patagonia Capilene 3 Zip-T Review

I wear this shirt many months of the year under my layers when I fish and it keeps me warm and dry. It is great as the only layer under your wading jacket on a cool rainy days. The zip neck allows you to cool off after a long hike from the Masemore parking lot.

Jason du Pont

Rain on the way..

With the water level at 229 Cfs, temp around 56 F and rain on the way , it might be a Hendrickson emergers#14-16, pheasant tails #12-16, Grizzly midges#20-22 and black fur ants #14-16 have been working at Masemore. Try large streamers in the deeper pools and deadfalls and be sure to use a nice long leader for the tiny dries.

Ants Anyone?

We’ve had great reports the past few days from folks already fishing terrestrials with success..Find some shady banks between Masemore and Bunkerhill and hold on.

Water level is in great shape at 147 Cfs and water temps are on the rise at 54F. Expect that the river will continue to warm up quickly until the trees start leafing out. A Baltimore County biologist stopped in during lunch and mentioned that during his sampling this week, he’s seen lots of Hendrickson nymphs that are ready to push through their wingcases.Until the hatch, best bets are soft hackled pheasant tails #14-16, during the hatch, try either a #14 thorax pattern or a #16 CDC pattern. Cream Midges sized #20-22, and Bwo’s sized #16-18 are still important and should be in everyone’s box by now.

Note: Capt. Jeff Lewatowski guided a nice group of ladies from the Chesapeake Women Anglers this week. One of the lucky ladies caught an honest 15″ Brown just below Masemore.

Hendricksons are happening…

Get away from the post office this weekend and fish the Gunpowder. We should have Hendricksons through the next week and it might be a good idea to bring a wading staff. Hendricksons #14-16 should be plentiful and we still have those little, (#22-24) midges coming off between Masemore and Bunkerhill Rd. Big woolly buggers #4-6 could make the difference if you’re having a tough one out there.

Hendricksons about to pop..

After some much needed rain, the river is level is up to 272 Cfs , is off color and water temp is 53 F. We’ve had many reports of fish actively midging at Masemore Rd. the past few days but with more rain in the forecast, I’d try a heavy, dark fly in a #4 or #6. If the water drops under 200 Cfs by the weekend try a #22 Griffiths Gnat or Black midge in the flat water. Hendrickson nymphs abound between Masemore Rd. and Bunkerhill Rd. and should come off through the weekend. We’ve also seen lots of Olives in the #18-22 range and a few #16 Blue Quills.

Note: Looking for a heavy dark fly that works?
Try a Near Nuff Sculpin or Supper Bugger the next time you’re up.

Volunteers Needed…

MDTU is asking for volunteers for City Catch, an exciting program for Baltimore City children. Trout Unlimited, with the Department of Recreation and Parks is planning City Catch for April 17, 2004.Experienced fisherman volunteers along with those from Trout Unlimited, will teach 250 children how to fish for trout.

in Leakin Park. The stream will be stocked with trout and each child will get a complete fishing outfit to keep. Volunteers will teach the children how to tie fishing knots, bait a hook, cast, and catch a fish. Besides just having a fun day, children will learn an appreciation for clean water and a wholesome form of recreation in one of our wonderful stream valley parks. Trout Unlimited decided to re-activate this program that we conducted 15 years ago because we believe it is important to provide healthy recreational opportunities for city children. They are the future of recreational fishing. Furthermore, we need to provide fishing opportunities within reach of the centers of population if people are going to be able to take advantage of them. The program will cost $10,000.00 of which TU will contribute $5,000.00; the City has committed to match this amount. Please consider supporting this great effort to teach those kids who would otherwise not have this opportunity.

Note: Want to help out?
Contact Rich Montague at 410-638-8890 or
Thanks to Ron Acee for providing the info on City Catch.

Mighty good water…

The river is in great shape; flow is at 150 Cfs, and water temperature is 52 F.

We had quite a few anglers in today and most caught fish on Hendricksons sized #14-16, Olives sized #16-18 and cream midges in a size #24. Voted for stocked fish in our online survey? One should find plenty of truck fish from Glencoe to Sparks Rd. Try a wooly bugger with an egg pattern as a dropper for these hungry fish.

Nice day for a streamer…

The river is a little over 200 Cfs and rising this morning. Water temp is 45 F. The upper catch and release section is certainly fishable. The river is off color at Masemore. Try a black flash-a bugger along the edges and in the undercuts. If you have not picked up any Super-Buggers yet, stop in and give’em a try. The pattern has lead eyes like a clouser and is good and heavy. They’re especially effective around log jams and deadfalls. Dry fly folks should pull their Blue Winged Olives and Hendricksons out and fish riffles and flats.

Note: Blown out elsewhere? Fish locally-After a big rain the Gunpowder is usually the clearest stream around…