Monthly Archives: September 2004

Cool Weather Caddis

The river is on the way down and is around 135 Cfs. Lots of fish were moving this weekend to #16-18 Caddis and #22 cream Midges.

Long leaders, (10 to 12FT) ending in 6 and 7x continue to be the best way to trick wild fish.Falls Rd has been very popular destination the past two weeks in part because is typically the clearest section after a downpour.With a cool front moving in, hopper activity should slow down to a crawl this week. River temps have increased since the rain, so dig your streamers out of your vest and cover some water the next time you get out.

Note: When rigging up with long leaders, instead of using the use the hook keeper on the rod, pull the leader around the reel frame and place the fly in a snake guide halfway up the rod.

Small is beautiful…

The river is relatively low and clear, water temps are in the mid 50’s throughout the Catch and Release section and a little warmer below Bluemount. We’ve had steady reports of fish rising to midge and midge cluster patterns, (try an ICSI, Griffith’s or Renegade in a #18-24) from Masemore upstream to the dam. Folks fishing the Bunkerhill and York beats are finding a few fish rising to small caddis and BWO’s, (18-22) in flat water at the base of riffles. I’ve seen more than a few American Hoppers along the river this week-they’re about as long as your pinky and well worth imitating with a Rogue Hopper or Cabe’s pattern.Streamer fishing is starting to pick up, so try an #10 Olive Bugger in the pools and runs.