Monthly Archives: November 2004

Skating in November…

Is it too early to skate? Not if you are fishing caddis. The river is at a great level and the water temp is steady at 52 F. A few lucky anglers had fish slashing at caddis patterns this afternoon.With rain in the forecast, plan on fishing Olives mid-week.If you plan on fishing in the next few months, be mindful of redds-Please limit your wading and give the fish a chance!

Note: Redds are cleared areas of gravel that are typically dinner plate sized or larger. They appear throughout the catch and release area and sometimes as far downstream as Glencoe. The fish use these areas for spawning so don’t wade through them or you’ll get coal in your stocking!!!

Ospreys Abound…

We’ve had several anglers reporting Ospreys throughout the catch and release area and as far downriver as Monkton.Water level is stable and at 103Cfs it is at a great level for fishing. Olive-bodied Caddis in sizes #16-18 are still working from Falls Rd to Big Falls Rd.Stonefly nymphs are also worth a try. The past week has been great Olive weather but not many fish are rising so try an emerger pattern like a sparkle dun in a #18 instead of a dry for covering flats between Masemore Rd. and Falls Rd.

Note: Need a break from the relatives this weekend? The shop will be closed Thursday and will be open Friday from 10 AM-6PM, and we’ll have regular hours from 10-4PM Saturday and Sunday. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Dry fly fever…

Small Caddis #16-18 and BWO’s #18-20 have been very effective mid-day. We’ve had plenty of reports of 12-14″ Browns taking these small dries in back eddies and flats. Streamer fishing around deadfalls and cut-banks can also be productive, (especially above Falls Rd.) so bring along a few light-bright zonkers sized #4-6.

Note: Next time you’re out, try casting your streamers upstream-then strip them back to you before they swing downstream.

Clouds spell relief..

If you had a tough weekend fishing dries, give the Gunpowder another try this week. We often describe wild brown trout as having the attitude of hungover humans,(no bright lights or loud noises thank you) so the cloud cover should improve your chances this week. The caddis hatches have been a little on the quiet side but there are still plenty of Olives and cream midges around. Try a renegade in a #14 as a midge cluster pattern in flats and back eddies from Bunkerhill through Falls Rd.

Leaves aplenty…and quite a few 10-14″ fish

I heard from several anglers over the weekend that they had great luck with dark bodied caddis emergers, (like x-caddis in a #16). The water temp is 52 F and is clear. Most of the fish reported this past weekend were in the 10-14″ range, with a quite few Rainbows in the mix.The river will be down around 34 CFs until around 2 PM as DNR spends another morning counting fish.If you’re planning on fishing today I’d suggest you give the lower river a try with streamers.