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Ice effects?

“Data values reported on these pages may be significantly higher or lower than actual streamflow.” so says the USGS, so until we get an updated advisory we’ll be checking out flows the old fashioned way. For those of you unfamiliar with the old gauge, it is located on a picnic table sized rock along the North Bank of the river in a very nice pool just downstream of the Falls Rd bridge.

Fish can often be seen midging during the Winter months in this pool and several photos of it and John Lambdin appear in our photo gallery. The old gauge gives a stick height measurement that we’ll plug in to the USGS historical flow table to keep the report as accurate as possible.

The water temps have been in the low 40’s and the river is clear. Dry fly fishing has been tough, but soft hackles such as a #14 Orange Butt or #16 Partridge and Olive fished down and across, and large streamers, (#8 Olive Wooly Buggers and #6 Lite-Bright Zonkers) either slow stripped or dead-drifted through deep runs have been effective.

Note: The weather should break by Thursday . The shop will be open from 10 till 4PM on Saturday January 1, 2005.

Ring in the new year on the water!!!

Fishing this week?

The water is dropping but is still relatively high. We’re hoping to see the river drop to just under 300 by Sunday-should be a nice level given the amount of snow we’ve had and it will be nice to get out and fish while the water is down. Large streamers like black or brown super buggers and attractor nymphs such as a bead head tellico or Hare’s ear are a good bet. Be sure to bring a wading staff with you-the trails will be muddy.

Elves fishing…

Finished up for the holiday? Go fly fishing this weekend. The weather has been darn nice for December, the river level is at a great level and fish have been taking streamers in the #10-12 range along with #10-12 Bead Head Princes and #14 Orange Butts. Try Bunkerhill upstream and enjoy some unusually warm weather.

Holidaze-Extended hours for the rush…

You heard it here first folks.
The shop will be OPEN this Wednesday, the 15th and next Wednesday the 22nd from 10AM till 6 PM. The shop will be open the 24th and 31st from 10AM till 4 PM.

Note: Can’t make it up to the shop? We’ve been shipping items to Indiana, Nevada, Maryland and Pennsylvania this week. Pick up the phone or check out our online catalog-we’ve just added more gear reviews and new products from Simms and Waterworks-Lamson.

Ask yourself, do you really want to go to the MAll?

Stuck in traffic? Try thinking pleasant thoughts, like swinging soft hackles, (orange butts, sizes#14-16) in riffles during the morning and stripping streamers along cut banks and deadfalls, (#10-12 olive flash-a-buggers) later in the day. The river is in great shape, Water temp is 53 F and the river has been clear throughout the rain events of last week. With cold weather on the way, make the long hike up to the plunge pool and ply the slick water with midges, midge emergers and tiny BWO’s.

Note: If you have a pair of Chota Stl+ shoes, it’s time to check your spikes and put a new set in for the slippery leaves, mud and ice to come.

Airflo Striper Multi-Tip Fly Line WF8-WF10 Aqua Blue Review

Eight and nine weight rods are great for many species in both fresh and saltwater. Why not have a line that is as versatile as the rod?
The Airflo Striper Multi Tip system opens doors of opportunities for anglers making the jump to larger weight rods. The system incorporates an intermediate line with loop-to-loop connections to various shooting heads. One interchangeable system covers all columns of water easily.
No need for spare spools with sinking lines, the system comes with a series of 20′ sections including an intermediate, a 3 inch, and a 7 inch per second sinking head. The heads come in a nice mesh wallet that fits great in a shirt pocket.

Jason du Pont

New Stuff for the Holidays

Based on my sources there are twenty people logged on to the site. Drop me a line at and let me know what you are looking at.

This morning the snow underwhelmed me. Yesterday I shoveled my entire drive and last night it dawned on me that if I parked at the head of it I’d have roughly 10 feet to worry over. Ask yourself-Is he getting smarter or just plain lazy? We might have a poll on that very topic.

Today, I’ve been looking at lots of new products from Fishpond. I’m wearing one of their Blue River Chest Packs in Khaki and can still see the keyboard.

In the gadgets category, We just brought in a great stocking stuffer from Fishpond. Be the first on your block to get an Aussie clipper.The clipper has a set of surgical grade stainless blades that can cut through 150lb mono, is blue in color, is shaped like a boomerang, and go for $5.95.

I also have some bright reels from Tioga decorating my desk-not to worry they’ll soon be in the reel counter and are just hours from being featured in the online catalog.
If you just can’t wait to see them go to www. and check out the New Tioga Magnum series.

Going a fishin’

Yes, the shop is open. Water is clear and 49 F, and all of this snow won’t turn into water for a few days. Try Hare’s ear nymphs sized #14-16 and small stonefly nymphs sized #18. A Griffith’s Gnat with a brassie as a dropper is a great Winter pattern for the slick water at Masemore. My hat’s off to local artist Kevin Raines. He is chasing fish today on cross country skis.

Kevin just dropped off a striking Fall scene that features a bunch of randy Brookies tusseling in a boulder strewn pool.

The work is an oil on paper and is listed at $1, 700, and will be the first thing you see the next time you stop in the shop-unless someone takes it home for the holidays.

Now is the time to replace your cleats in your Chota STL+ shoes and check out new wading staffs from Sports Tools, Fishpond and Simms.

Note: A DNR plow truck just passed the shop headed towards Monkton. Be sure to stow an extra set of warm clothes in your rig before venturing out-if you get wet you’ll need them.