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Long Island Albies, Stripers, Blues…

Meet Capt. Jeff Becker Saturday. Jeff is on the Scott Pro-Staff and was recently featured on ESPN2. He runs a 23 ft Seacraft out of Orient Point, NY and has put us on serious Albies, Blues and Stripers in the past years. He ties some beautiful flies, and his patterns were just published in the Art of Angling Journal so stop in Saturday morning till Noon and say hello.

Waiting game…

At 636 CFs you can bet that there is a fair bit of water spilling over the top of the dam. The river will continue to drop through the week. The water temperature should be up around 45 F by the weekend. If you’re getting out Thursday or Friday of this week, you should see some active fish looking for dries. Backeddies are great spots for a pea***** caddis, little black stones or renegades sizes#14-16. Until then, use plenty of weight and fish muddlers and buggers sizes #8-6 upstream along cut banks and log jams.

Irish Angling

An Irishman fishing one day in Liffey,
Which runs close by Dublin’s great city so fine,
A smart shower of rain falling, Pat, in a jiffey,
Crept under the arch of the bridge with his line.
“That’s never the way to accomplish your wishes,”
cries Dermot, “there never a bite you will get,”
“Sure my honey cries Pat, “don’t you know that the fishes
Will swim under here, to keep out of the wet.”

What will you be doing at 5:30 AM on Saturday?

Hang on to your hat! Anything goes in the 5 fish a day section of the lower river on Saturday. Most of the stocked fish are between Upper Glencoe and Sparks Rd. The upper is presently clearing and will be in great shape by the weekend. Water is spilling over the top of the dam and the water will continue to warm up, (41-43 F) through the weekend. Larger fish like dropping water levels and we typically fish large streamers after a big rain. Have any smallmouth patterns in your box? Give ’em a try. If you’d like to fish dries, we have a great fluttering stonefly that has accounted for some wild fish in the 10-14 inch range the past week.If you don’t have a stonefly in your box try a pea***** or black caddis in a #12-14.Small Olives in a #20-22 continue to produce from Masemore upstream.

Note: The shop will be closed on Sunday and will re-open Monday at 10:00 AM. If you need a license and can’t make it to the shop call 1-800-918-2870 or go to and pick one up online. Make sure that you ask for a non-tidal license and a trout stamp.

Is good weather at the bottom of your wishing well?

Nice, low flows should allow the river to warm up a bit this weekend. The more open stretches from Masemore to Big Falls should be productive. Stoneflies, a few caddis and an olive bugger are on the menu. Use the trails as much as you can and enjoy it.Most of the fish are still holding in faster water and a 9ft to 12 ft leader will really help present the fly properly.

Note: We just checked in 35 lbs of rods from St. Croix…

Stoneflies won’t wait…

We’ve been waiting for a day like this all week. Flow is at 120 CFs and the river is clear and warming from 40 F. Be sure to check out any log jams or deadfalls while you’re out in the sunshine. Stoneflies crawl out on these before lifting off.Most of the activity we’ve seen this year has been between Bunkerhill and Big Falls Rd in shallow riffles.Try fishing patterns in a range of #14-16 down and across. Midday fishing should be the most productive.

Note: We just brought in some really nice hairwing patterns that will do the trick. They’re in the tins on the front counter and won’t last.