Monthly Archives: April 2005

Overcast and cool…

RIver is at 150 CFs and clear we’re seeing Olives most mornings above Falls Rd. Soft hackles #12-16 will continue to work even if we get a little rain in the next few days. Large attractor nymphs like #10 Prince or #8-12 Whitlock red squirrel are safe bets if you’re fishing mid-day. Now that the trees have leafed out there is more shade along the river corridor and the Browns are more likely to take dries such as Hendricksons #14-16 and small Elk Hair Caddis #18-20

Note: Want to skate and swing? Try an Olive x-caddis in a #14 with a Hendrickson emerger Size #16 behind it. Skate the rig in riffles and swing it through pools and flats.

Clear and warming…

The river is clear and at 205 CFs. Water temperature is 51 F. It’s been a mixed bag out there with lots of Olives sized #20-22 in the mornings above Falls Rd. Masemore downstream has been a productive stretch with a few quill Gordons and Hendricksons just starting to make things interesting We’ll probably see the last of the stoneflies this week-So skate a #12-14 Bi-visible while you can. Hare’s ear soft hackles #12-16 have been working along seams and the water is nice and clear.

Note: Current seams in the shade will be more productive on bright days-seek them out.

Horn Aplenty…

Flow is dropping from the 250’s after big rains earlier in the week. The river is warming and should approach 49 F by the weekend. Cloudy, warm and wet days ahead should make for good hatches of BWO’s sized #18-20. Plan on seeing some brown stoneflies #14-16 throughout the catch and release area, a few Quill Gordons above Falls Rd and Hendricksons should be on the move within the next week. The water has been clearing and still has a bit of a greenish cast. This is is indicative of the reservoir “turning over” as warmer surface water mixes with colder water.As the water warms fish will become more active and the fishing will improve measurably. Spring weather beckons….

Note: Having a hard time deciding what to start with?I still like a pea***** caddis in a #12-14 followed by an Olive Unusual in a #16-18