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Rainbows and Cigars…

The river is low and clear, 100 Cfs and water temps along the catch and release area are from 54 to 56 F. It’s getting hotter out there so expect a few late afternoon showers. Passing thunderstorms have not kept folks from fishing. Ants sized #12-16 are a good bet along shaded banks. Spinner falls are still later in the day so fish just the last hour of daylight with a rusty spinner #16-20.Two anglers from the eastern shore stopped in on their way up to Bunkerhill and Maesmore yesterday and were excited to see all of the new pictures of Rainbows released over the past two weeks in the upper section above Falls Rd.Following is an stream report from a real trooper that stuck it out and fished in spite of the cir*****stances.

After much thought yesterday morning I decided to stop by the shop and then give the Gunpowder a try. I showed up at 3:00 with my 6’6″ 3wt, boots for wet wading and 1 box of dries figuring it was too hot to carry anything extra. I hiked down the trail and found a nice size pool with fish rising consistently. In I went and let me say that water was nice and chilly. Not long after tying on my fly of choice, a guy come stomping up stream shouting “Hey do you see a tacklebox laying on the side of the stream by you?” I think to myself you have got to be kidding me. Then, shortly after, six people came through kicking and splashing smoking cigars and floating downstream. Cigars???????? Arghhhhhhhh!!!! Fish went down for about 15 minutes. I will never understand why they did not float by behind me like all the other people later in the day. Anyway, I started working my fish. One 8″ brown after 20 minutes. I was happy because I was supposed to be cutting the grass anyway. One half hour later I decided to switch up to a fly Iwould have never thought of if I had my whole vest. First cast, I hook him. Size 18 fly, 12′ 8x leader, my 3 weight and this fish is having me palm the little reel while he makes three daring runs. I get him to hand and it is a 16″ rainbow! My best fish on the Gunpowder ever and on a small rod I bought in high school at that!! I let him go with the smile on my face of a successful day. I worked another fish for an hour and got him to hand – 12″ brown! By then, it was 6:30 and believe it or not, I was getting chilly in the water. So I left on that. The Gunpowder was the best I have seen it in years. Mike N.

Note: Bring a rainjacket with you and remember that some of the best fishing is on overcast days.

Wilder and Bigger…Seeing is believing…

Shop Regular Marlin Taylor just brought in a pic of a 17 1/2 inch Gunpowder Brown that was released this morning Water flow is 102 CFs and it’s bright out there so fish pheasant tails like Marlin…Sulphurs are now in the #16-20 range and 7X tippet will allow you to catch the fish that have, until now, refused your offerings.

Jason Dupont brought in some beautiful shots of 8″ to 15″ rainbows from the plunge pool above Falls Road bridge. Afternoons have been tough so find some shade and try a streamer along log jams… Morning fishing has been very productive and the fish have been taking small, #18-20 caddis and caddis emergers on the swing.Spinner falls have been around 8:00 PM-just prior to the fall try loop wing emergers and heavily dressed duns that will skate in a size#14-16.

Note: Having a hard time seeing fish take the fly?–grease the butt section of your leader and wait for it to jump.


The river is clear and is flowing at close to 100 CFs. Don’t let the afternoon showers put you off get out and catch the 11″ to 14″ fish we’re seeing on a regular basis. Morning fishing from 7:00 AM on with loop wing sulphur emergers sized #16-18 has been red hot. Straw to ginger colored X -Caddis sized #14-18 have saved more days on the river than any other pattern I can think of… Great stream reports continue to roll in..Spinner falls have been starting close to 7:30 till dark. If you’re fishing midday try a foam beetle #14 and parachute ant #18 tandem rig.. Recent stream reports follow:

Message: Theaux – Two 20+ fish days this week, including really terrific spinner falls Tues & Wed evenings. Lost one in 15-16″ range that broke off under a log jam (7X).

Bill & Baby Ruth

Message: Hello Theaux. This is Mark from New Jersey. Took your advice on Thursday and fished upstream on the Gunpowder just above Falls Road. While I was pessimistic due to the torrential downpour that was occurring during the drive up, I decided to wait it out and finally hiked in as it slowed down. To my surprise, the water was clear, cool and running nicely despite the rain. A good sulpher hatch was coming off and fish were rising in the seams of the runs and at the heads of the pools. I tied on a #16 sulpher and never took it off. I managed to land 4, drop 2 and lost count on how many I missed. Those 12-foot leaders take bit of getting used to when trying to set the hook! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your friendly hospitality and helpful advice and let you know I am making it a point to visit you, Rocky and the Gunpowder whenever I’m in town.

Solid stream reports …

You’re wasting time if you’re not fishing…The water is clear and the river level is 98Cfs.. and the water should warm up a bit this week-think active fish…Don’t take my word for it…following are more reports from the field From 6/1 Message: Went fishing Tuesday around 2:00. Fish seemed to be keyed in on Sulphurs especially tan colored. Skating the fly at the end of the drift was proving to be deadly. Fished the Sulphur hatch around 8:30 just below the bridge and fish were readily taking parachutes as much as any spinner I cast. Great Fishing. My friend was fly fishing for his first time and caught at least twelve fish with only one type of fly, and I think I caught twice as many but stopped counting before the hatch even started. Thanks for the advice.

From 6/3 Message: Theaux, We have been fishing the Bunkerhill section both up and down from the parking. The sulfur hatch seems to be coming off between 4:30 and 5 and lasting for about an hour minus a thunderstorm. Parachutes in size 16 are the consistent producers. Ants are working while waiting and the caddis (cinnamon body) 16’s are also present.
Paul, Leslie, and Baby Ana

From 6/3 Message: Hi Theaux. I’m not really a numbers guy when it comes to fishing, but how about these numbers from my trip to the upper river Saturday: 100+ trout rising, 20+ landed, 0 other fishermen between 2 and 7 p.m. The Sulphur hatch is in full swing. Where are the fishermen?

From 6/4 Sure Theaux – go ahead and post it. The fish I caught were nice too, including one about 14″. Most of the better fish were in the rocky pocket/pool section of the upper river. They wanted the downstream, tumbling presentation, just like you said.

Note: A 19″ Brown was caught and released last weekend by one of our regulars.