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Some like it high…Survey rehash…

There were lots of smiling faces during the electroshocking survey earlier in the week. The average fish we saw were close to 11 inches and many believe that we’re witnessing the best group of fish the river has held, in size and number, since 1991.The river is back up around 320 Cfs and should remain high until the next shocking survey scheduled for Tuesday at Bluemount Rd and Wednesday at Glencoe. A 22″ Brown weighing 3 3/4 lb was just one of the big ones released during the survey above Falls Rd. A streambred rainbow measuring 14″ was also notable.The survey at Masemore showed lots of heavy 12-14″ Browns and quite a few smaller rainbows 8″-10″ that had moved down below the powerline pool. This weekend focus on Masemore upstream through Falls Rd towards Pretty Boy and fish the corners. Limit your wading and try hopper and dropper rigs and large streamers up to a #4-6 from the bank. Robust nymphs, such as copper Johns sized #10-12, and San Juan worms below a #8 cricket should move fish even in heavy water. A sink-tip line at the plunge pool is a viable option. If you’re planning on fishing in the next few days expect to see a few caddis in the morning sized #14-16 and try back eddies throughout the catch and release stretch with an Elk Hair and CDC Caddis double.

Note: Try a #12-14 Elk Hair Caddis with a #18-20 CDC Caddis Emerger behind it.

Streamers and big nymphs…HIGH and LOW

We’ve fielded numerous calls today regarding Gunpowder river fishing conditions.
Currently flow is 320 Cfs, relatively high for those set on wading midstream. Instead, use the excellent trail network along the river and remember that during high water fish move-especially big fish. Try the back eddies up above Falls RD with streamers like Whitlock’s Near Nuff Sculpin sized #4-6 and big nymphs such as conehead stoneflies sized #8-10 and be careful out there. Expect flows to continue through the weekend until Monday when we expect flows to be around 30 Cfs so State Fisheries managers and volunteers can electro-shock the river starting at the Upper Falls Rd Lot. Tuesday they will be starting from the Lower Falls lot and Wednesday they’ll be starting at Masemore. How will this impact your fishing? I’d fish lower, (anything below Masemore) and plan on fish pooling in deep runs and pockets. Small nymphs, such as a #18 Copper John and long, fine leaders should prove very effective during the low flow days.

Note: Don’t spook fish…It’s just as important to limit your wading during low flows.

Ginger caddis, Olives and Ants….

The river is low,106 CFs, clear and 54 F.Small Olives, #18-20 behind an Elk Hair Caddis sized #14-16 should work fine. Attractor dries are fun to fish and they are easy to see on the water. Stimulators, Wullfs and Renegades should be in your box now! When in doubt fish an ant…
Lots of 10-12″ fish have been reported above Masemore.Great fishing should be shared. Thanks to Aaron and Fred for the following reports. Why not get out and make your own history on the river?

9/07 Message: Thanks for sending me downstream on Monday. I had a beautiful and quiet day fishing during which I saw a ton of Kayakers, a bunch of hikers, but only two other fisherman. There were only sporadic caddis coming off, but I had plenty of action surprisingly enough. Caught fish on large mayfly nymphs, caddis pupa, olive woolly bugger and ants. As evening set in there were still not too many caddis in the air but the fish could not stay away from my size 18 Stimulator. I quietly racked up about a dozen fish over the course of the day.

and another…

RED HOT! Above falls rd. Lots of morning activity, tan caddis, cahills, tricos, blue winged olives great fishing in the morning to mid-day using hoppers, ants,Royal wulffs, griffiths gnat, caddis, parachute blue wing olives as well as cahill parachute, floating cress bugs made from spun elk hair (deadly).

see you soon!

Note: –Soon you’ll be raking leaves
get out and fish…

What a nice stretch of weather….

Caddis, ants and hoppers continue to produce.The river is in great shape at around 100 Cfs, clear and 55 F. Masemore through Falls is a great place to start fishing small dries in the morning .Check out the section below Bunker hill for hopper action. Nymphing throughout the day is best accomplished with a #14-16 Prince followed bey a brassie in a #20-22.

Terrestrials, caddis and midges….

The river is low, clear, and cool at 55 F.
Don’t put your terrestrials away yet. Ants, hoppers and beetles are great searching patterns through the afternoon. We just brought in some wonderful foam & deerhair hoppers and crickets that will float anything short of a sparkplug-sized nymph. Several enthusiastic reports of small caddis coming off mid-morning to early afternoon.Bring up your midges box if you’re planning on fishing after 4 PM. A Renegade or Griffith’s Gnat sized #18-22 should work fine. Long leaders are still the rule , so plan on fishing long,(over 10ft) and light 6x and 7x, especially with the midges.

Note: Lots of WILD fish in the 10-14″ range are waiting for a foam beetle with a pheasant tail dropper rig…