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Midging madness….

The water is 55Cfs-low, clear and 56 F. Fish were midging midday above Falls Rd. yesterday in quiet pools. Fast riffles held a good many rainbows that fell for cdc caddis emergers. Trails are getting a little slippery but the trees still have plenty of leaves that provide needed shade on bright days.Thanks to Jed for the following report:

I had a nice day on the river Friday. I managed all of my fish on two size 20 midge emergers and a size 18 adams midge pattern. The fish in the run-pool at the end of the trail from Falls Road were in some cases clearing the water to take what I think were midges. My adams sparely tied looked a lot like what was coming off. Now they might have been very small bwos. One nice sized brown was clearing the water and landing heavily chasing these “midges” To me he looked to be over 15 inches and fat. I managed to catch 5 browns and 2 rainbows. I lost a nice rainbow in that run-pool, and further downstream where a double pool is graced by a beaver lodge I had a very nice fish on that went deep, bowed my rod real good then popped my line. He’s sporting my adams midge on his “person”. I hope this midge fishing continues through the fall and winter. These fish were rising to them even in the dark. It’s fun to hook onto bigger fish with a tiny fly and 6 or 7x. The challenge is keeping them on. Cheers, Jed

Note: This Wild Bow shot was taken during the shocking survey. It is a streambred fish and it’s hungry.

Big Falls Bridge construction meeting this Thursday…

Please attend this meeting! This meeting is open to the public. It regards rebuilding and expanding the bridge over Big Falls Rd. in the catch and release area.

I can think of 10 or more reasons to attend this one…

The public notice ad reads:
This meeting is on Thursday, October 27, 2005 between 7:00 and 9:00 pm at Hereford High School, 17301 York Road, Parkton, 21120 to discuss major improvements to Bridge # 73, on Big Falls Road over Gunpowder Falls.

The public notice ad reads: This meeting is on Thursday, October 27, 2005 between 7:00 and 9:00 pm at Hereford High School, 17301 York Road, Parkton, 21120 to discuss major improvements to Bridge # 73, on Big Falls Road over Gunpowder Falls.

County engineers will be available to answer questions about the project and explain planned detours. For further information contact Baltimore County’s Bureau of Engineering, Department of Public Works: 410 887-3737.

If you were fishing you’d be smiling…..

The river is nice and low and the water temp is 56 F. Plenty warm enough for excellent dry fly fishing on cloudy days. Bring a rainjacket and experience some great fishing without the crowds. Jeff Lewatowski had a client out Saturday morning on the river and reported nearly two dozen fish hooked-and did not see another soul during a very rainy, productive 4 hour trip. Check out some great pictures of Gunpowder River Browns. Great early morning nymphing in riffles between Masemore and Falls Rd have produced some 12-14″ browns. Try soft hackled pheasant tails and pea***** & beads sized #14-16 in fast, shallow water and use enough shot to slow the nymphs down. Cloudy weather bodes well for those fishing small dries like Olives and ICSI midgee sized #18-22. Fish the small stuff behind something you can see such as an elk hair caddis or stimulator sized #12-14

Note:Use enough shot so that the flies are actually getting hung up on the bottom about every half dozen casts.

Make time to fish…

Now is the time to fish… Water is still nice and low and clear. Fish are still in riffles looking up and taking Stimulators, Caddis and Hoppers. As the weather warms, Olives sized #18-22 are a good bet from Falls Rd. up. Overcast weather is hard to beat. Bring a rainjacket and make time to fish.

Got clear water?

After two days of soaking rain across Maryland, with some reporting rainfall amounts well over 6″ through Friday and Saturday, the 3 mile stretch between Masemore through Falls Rd to the dam may be the lowest at 55 CFS-that’s LOW folks-and the clearest water you’ll find in the state. You should find fish stacked up in riffles. The overcast weather we’re seeing today really helps when fishing dries. Start out with a small elk hair caddis or x-caddis in a #14-16 and drop a #18-20 Blue wing Olive parachute or loop wing emeger about 12 to 18″ behind it. Streamer fishing just below the feeder creeks can be very effective because the water will be slightly off downstream from these areas. A #8-10 wooly bugger in olive or black should do the trick.

Note: Don’t waste another afternoon inside watching TV–get out and make your own luck.

Fly Tying Class for Beginners…This Saturday.

Sign up now for a Fly Tying Class for Beginners. Cost is $45, use of all gear is provided or feel free to bring your own and we’ll help you figure it out.Class is limited to 4.Call 410-329-6821 to register.

The class is from 10:00 AM till 1:00 PM.

Note: No need to bring your rainjacket…