Monthly Archives: February 2006

Nymphs in the wind…Rainbows on the line

Nymphs have been working fine above Falls RD. Solid reports of fish taking #14-16 caddis larva trailed by #18-20 bead head pheasant tails since Tuesday have raised a few eyebrows. Rainbows well over 12″ are becoming pretty standard fare. If you’re hoping for dry fly action start early as the windy stuff usuallly picks up by afternoon. Bwo’s and Adams patterns in back eddies and soft water along the edges should move a few fish.

Note: We still have a couple of spaces left in this Saturdays’ Hendrickson life cycle class. It starts at 10:00 AM and ends at 1:00PM. Learn how to ties nymphs, emergers, dries and spinners in a fun class ideal for beginners.We’d be happy to fill out the class with your help. Give the shop a call at 410-329-6821 to register.

A 15″brown for his efforts…

Guide Capt. Jeff Lewatowski just left the Falls Rd lot with ice on his waders. He managed to release a 15″ fish and two smaller ones for his efforts this afternoon. The river is at 2.1 on the stick and is clear and at a good level for wading. With clouds in the forecast and maybe a little snow over the weekend, dress for the weather and try a few olives, sized #20-22 and little black and early brown stoneflies #14-16. We still have lots of Patagonia capilene, socks, balaclavas and fingerless gloves in the shop for the diehards out there willinging to give Winter fishing a shot…so stop by the shop and warm up, gear up and good luck!

Note: Let Capt. Jeff share his expertise with you this Saturday during our stonefly lifecycle class, ($45 per person) Saturday from 10:00AM to 1 PM. We only have two spaces left so please call 410-329-6821 to reserve your space

Stoneflies and Olives…

After a bit of rain the river is in great shape, Clear, 45 F and 1.85 on the stick and falling. Great fishing happens on the drop. Nymphing has been incredible from Falls Rd to the Dam. Size #16 caddis pupas have been very effective. Fish nymphs upstream and keep up with your line as the nymphs fall toward you. Want to cover more water?Try streamers in a #4-8 range. Not many rising fish out there today but the with cloud cover rolling in tomorrow expect a few Olives in the flat water between Masemore and Bunkerhill. Most of the stonesflies are being taken by fish along the edges as nymphs crawl out to “hatch out”. If you’d like to fish dries try a quill winged stone in a #14-16 and skate it through the riffles…

Note: We still have room in the beginner’s fly tying class with Capt. Jeff Lewatowski from 10-1 PM. It is $45 and all inclusive.