Monthly Archives: March 2006

Excellent early season fishing awaits…Black Fly Redux..

It’s still hard for me to to believe that we’ve had such great early season fishing during the past two weeks. The river is at a nice steady 76 Cfs , ( we typically fish it from 55 to 225 CFs so if it moves a little over the weekend it should still be clear and very wadeable-just bring your rainjacket along. We’ve had warmer water this week after a gate change from the 55 foot level to the 10 foot level.With a little spillover, the river temps are now in the mid 40’s and climbing–think active fish!!!We’ve heard many enthusiastic reports of between 1/2 dozen to three dozen fish caught during some mid-week outings. With rain in the forecast this weekend, early morning nymphing should be very productive. Stop in and check out a few dynamite Hendrickson nymphs, (while they last) that are sure to move a few. Little black flies are still all the rage above Falls Rd and if you’d like to fish some”quieter” water give Bunkerhill RD. to York a shot and skate a Henryville Special through the riffles.Small traditional patterns like Mickey Finns are great for tricking the new rainbows that are trying hard to make a living between Upper Glencoe through Sparks RD.

Note: Jeff Lewatowski still has space on his boat for folks interested in fly fishing the Susquehannna Flats during the Catch and Release Trophy Season. Give him a call at 410-808-5105 or check out his site at for rates and info.

Black Fly Bonanza…

If you listened to the weather last night and decided to pass on the Gunpowder you should feel cheated.
The river is in great shape. Flows are stable at a great level for wading and the water is clear.
We’ve heard from several anglers this afternoon that today was, “the best day they’ve had in a while”. We had two guides out with happy clients today that picked up plenty of wild fish on black fly and midge patterns. Small caddis and henryville specials used as point flies helped folks stay in contact with the tiny patterns. The water is warming upo and we should see more surface activity throughout the weekend. Little black stoneflies were buzzing around Masemore Rd. today as early as 11:00 AM. Nymphing riffles with small bead head hares ear patterns is still productive from Bunkerhill downstream through York Rd.

Note: It’s still cold out there.Stay away from cotton socks. Bring gloves. Go fishing this weekend.

Stoneflies & Snowflies…

The river is in great shape. It’s clear and at a comfortable level for wading. Little black flies, (aka: snowflies) in the flat water above Falls have been creating quite a stir, especially if you like to cast to rising fish. Further downstream, Black Stoneflies have been very active from Bunkerhill through Big Falls. Try a #14 black caddis or #14-16 quill winged stone pattern in the riffles around log jams and deadfalls.Small bead heads in the #18-22 range behind a #14 Red or Orange butt are a great combination when covering water on windy days. Fish the transistion between riffles and flats and start with a 10ft or longer leader ending in 6x…

Note: We still have room in the Caddis Lifecycle Class. It starts at 10:00 AM and covers all manner of Caddis patterns. Cost is $45 per person, limited to 4 and covers use of gear and materials. Please call the shop at 410-329-6821 to reserve a space. Thanks!