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Did someone say clear water?

Did someone say clear water? The river is still flowing at an ideal 122 Cfs and we’re stilll fielding reports of folks having banner days out there. The water throughout most of the catch and release area is shin deep to knee deep.

Terrestrials like ants and beetles are working. Small elk hair and cdc caddis sized #18-22 have been producing from Masemore through Falls Rd. Masesmore downstream through York is a good bet for larger terrestrials like hoppers and Japanese Beetles. York Rd to Bluemount Rd looks like great stretch to swing streamers.

All told we have 7.6 miles of fishable water that supports between 3156 and 2500 WILD fish per mile .
What are you doing this weekend?

Note: We just received new shipments from Scott, Patagonia, Winston, Lamson, Abel, and Rio. We also have new shop T-shirts from Mary K the fish Lady with Brown and Rainbow trout on the back and the shop logo on the front.

Clear wadeable water…

Thanks to all that braved the rain today to fish locally. The Gunpowder is beautiful. Masemore Rd. access upstream through Falls is clear and still flowing in the low 100’s, that means knee deep to shin deep water throughout most of the catch and release area-.A strong report from one of our guide trips yesterday related that well over two dozen fish were hooked with a wide variety of terrestrials and nymphs.Water temps are still in the 56-58 F range. Streamers have moved quite a few fish and there is a tiny caddis in a #20-22 that the fish are eating with abandon.

Clear Water at Masemore…

I have seen it with my own eyes, 9 minutes ago I was standing on the Masemore Bridge watching over a dozen fish rising in clear water to tiny #20-22 caddis. The water temperature is 56F.Ants and beetles should work fine. While most of the surrounding area picked up 6-12″ of rain over the weekend, our gauge out back is only reading 3″.

The river is shin to knee deep at Masemore and unless you are currently mopping out a basement, drop everything and make firm plans to go fishing in the next hour or two.

Note: If you don’t make time for your sport, who will?

Let it rain…

Yes, the river is flowing at 111CFs– a great level for wading. Numerous reports of fish caught on cinnamon and black ants have perked up a few eyebrows. Water temps in the high 50’s have made for very active fish throughout the catch and release section. Early morning nymphing should work fine provided you have a few small patterns.#16-20 bead head pheasant tails and prince nymphs have been producing.Smallish Sulphur Duns in the #16-18 range and small Rusty Spinners in the same range are great evening patterns. Lightning bugs, Japanese Beetles and small hoppers are dynamite between hatches.

Note: Some of the best fishing all year occurs through the Summer months during and/or just after a passing thundershower.

Cooler, bigger flows on the way…

After several days of spillover and rising temps, (and great discourse with fisheries and the City-many thanks to Gene and Charlie) a recent gate change will cool things down for a while. Expect to see flows in the 100 to 150 Cfs range, a great level for fishing. Cooler water temps in the low to mid 50’s will be welcome after quite a few days in the high 60’s. Be sure to bring plenty of weighted nymphs along and plan on swinging soft hackles through the riffles.

Small, (18-22) elk hair caddis and caddis emergers are great searching patterns on bright days. Sulpher spinner falls have been spotty and late-try after 8:00 PM with a rusty spinner sized #14-16. Cdc and snowshoe flies are still all the rage.Can’t wait till eight? Try a #12-14 Hopper with a #16-18 ant dropper to move fish along the grassy banks. Get out and fish!