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Moby trout returns…

The 28-32″ Wild Brown lurking in the Gunpowder was hooked again on a guide trip this morning. Jeff Lewatowski guided two lucky anglers to the monster fish.
Ants , caddis and beetles are still all the rage, water is at a 113 CFs and at a great level for wading and 58-60 degrees F in the catch and release section of the Gunpowder.Mornings have been very productive with small terrestrials and nymphs such as a pheasant tail in the #16-18 range. Plan on fishing even during passing showers.

we’ve had clear water even after heavy rains…
Thanks to Corbin and Stan for the following stream reports:

Caught and released a 16″ rainbow Sunday night. He hit a # 16 brown caddis. Many other chunky 12″ – 14″ browns also rising to caddis or hitting san juan worms in the riffles. Averaging 6 – 12 fish each time out. Pretty amazing fishing right now.

Fished up to the dam, and I’m going to say that there is definetley a lot bigger fish in general up there . Majority of fish were 10-14 inchs.I also saw many larger fish. A father and son were fishing and the father caught about a 11 inch brook trout .I saw it with my own eyes and he snapped a photo. I also saw a 3 1/2 – 4 pound large mouth bass(huge).Lots of fish caught, beetles mostly, cress bugs, copper johns and brassies, droppers the ticket.Action slowed down about 12:00 p.m.

Note: Need a fly fishing guide for the Gunpowder river, Savage river or North Branch of the Potomac river? Give us a call at 410-329-6821 and make time to learn more about your sport with professional guidance.

Gunpowder River Beetlemania…

The fishing has been red hot! It’s good to be on a tailwater! Flow is at 115 CFs, (a great level for wading). Remember that the river corridor is typically 10 -15 in degrees F. cooler than the temps you might see on the news. What better way to cool off then wet wading. Water temps are in the 62-65F throughout the catch and release area. Beetles, ants and small caddis have been working in very shallow riffles.Quite a few fish in the 9 to 14″ range have been reported this week.

The following stream reports are from Bryan and KIKI :

Message: Guys, I went out on Sun. and had some decent luck with hoppers and a nice 12″ on a black wooly bugger. The fish were not very active until late (8:00 pm – dark).

One word- “Beetlemania”!!! I fished above the bridge at Falls road and caught 9 brownies in the skinny water near the bank! I had a great day. Masemore was not so productive. Thanks! kiss more fish.

Long leaders are still important so tie on a 10-12 ft leader ending in 7x and get out and fish.

Note: Wet wading this weekend? We just opened up a few boxes of guard sox and SIMMS river sandals by KEEN that have sturdy toe bumpers and felt soles.

Hoppers and beetles…

The river is at a great level for wading at 115 CFS and is clear. Water temps are between 57-59F throughout the catch and release section. We’re seeing lots of caddis in the morning between 6:00 and 9:00 AM. Fireflies have been working towards dusk. Fishing has been challenging on bright days. Nymphing with smaller than usual, (#20 and smaller bead heads have made a big difference. Japanese beetles are working.

We had a sixteen inch wild brown take a beetle in a deep pool last night as the mist was rolling in…fish on!

Thanks to Stan for the following report:
Had a pretty good day all considering.Walked up to the dam about 7:30 A.M. only landed about four all were nice browns some blue gills and missed about another dozen; Only fished the first two pools and only saw two other fishermen. Caught fish on hoppers, Parachute ants, small olives and some scuds on a dropper combo as well. Small caddis, cream midges were coming off and I saw a big trout chasing a damselfly in the pocket water and one rather large dead 16-17 inch brown.)The Fish Were Very Enthusiatic!

and thank you Ryan–welcome back to the Gunpowder!!!

What a nice day on the Gunpowder this past Sunday…I fished the river for the first time in almost a year and was joined by good friend I haven’t fished with in a couple years. We started at 7am and covered about 1 mile below Falls Rd…ant & beetles yielded about a dozen browns ranging from 6-10 inches for the first 3-4 hours and switched to hoppers for the next couple hours resulting in a 16 and 13 inch brown…can’t wait to give it a go again in a couple weeks!

Note: A few words on the dead fish…Hooking injuries can usually be prevented by using barbless hooks and returning fish to the water asap. It’s better not to take them out of the water and be sure to limit your handling of fish if you can. Thanks!

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Elk Hair Caddis Whirlwind…

We will be open Tuesday the 4th from 10:00 AM till 4 PM.
The river is at 115 CFs, and water temps are between 57 and 60 F throughout the catch and release section. 115 CFS is a great level for wading , is clear and dry fly fisherman have been having a ball with ants, beetles and caddis….We’ve had a bunch of reports from anglers today fishing Elk Hair Caddis from Bunkerhill upstream through Falls Rd to the Dam with catches from 1/2 dozen to 3 dozen fish per angler.
Jeff Lewatowski led a few clients today to what we believe was the largest fish hooked this season. The fish took a #18 Pheasant tail and was twice as long as Jeffs’ landing net. It moved downstream through two pools before the hook pulled/straightened out.
It still swims in the Gunpowder…

Note: Shop hours on the 4th are 10 till 4PM .
Time’s a wasting …go fishing..