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Water Temperature Questions Answered…

“As long as the water is cool the fish should
not experience too much stress, correct?”

Thanks for your question Chad.

You are correct.

This fish should not experience stress as long as the water is cool.

Today, Thursday August 31, water temperatures along the 7.6 mile catch and
release section of the Big Gunpowder Falls from Pretty boy Dam to Bluemount
Rd ranged from 53 F to 57 F.

We’re in constant communication with State Fisheries Managers, biologists,
and Baltimore City, which ultimately controls the flow and temperature in
the Gunpowder.With their help and our constant monitoring of stream
conditions such as flow and temperature, we can better determine when it is
safe to catch and release trout without causing undue stress.

So, please go fishing and have a great Labor day weekend.

Hope to see you on the river and in the shop soon.

Best regards,
Theaux Le Gardeur

The Big Gunpowder Falls river is low and clear at 32 CFS, water temps are stable between 53 and 57 F throughout the Catch and Release section.Fish are still stacked up in pools and long leaders will make a difference in your fishing. Small caddis in the #16-18 range are working and ants, and hoppers will still move fish. Please feel free to call us regarding any changes in stream conditions through the weekend.

Note: We will be open from 10-4 PM Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Low cool water, lots of fish stacked up…

With the water at 32 CFs expect to cover a good stretch of water before you find fish. That said, the water temperature is still in the high 50’s so the fish are in good shape if a little skittish.Terrestrials and small caddis are still moving fish. Now is a good time to fish the pools and tailouts above Falls Rd. If you find deep runs and undercuts, spend some time trying bead head nymphs and small streamers. Fishing upstream is better with low water conditions so walk the trails down and fish back up.Thanks to Scott for the following stream report.

Hi guys. Fished the upper river twice this week. Even though there weren’t many rising fish, I still had great luck on a big beetle with rubber legs. Caught six fish between 10 and 14 inches without moving my feet at one spot. Had the whole river to myself.

Note: Overcast days are great for fly fishing the Gunpowder Falls.

Low water, spooky fish..try the lower river…

We have the lowest water of the season, make it the past few seasons, at 32 CFs, the water temp is warming a bit and it’s tough to get close to pooled up fish-even with 7x. Abandon all hopes of floating the river in any device. The fish are spooky throughout the catch and release section, so give the lower river a look. Access points such as Bluemount road , Monkton, Upper and Lower Glencoe and Sparks are certainly worth trying.

Little Falls joins the Gunpowder at Bluemount and adds a good bit of water to the river at the confluence. Streamers such as black woolly buggers and marabou muddlers sized #10-12 and large dries like Humpies, Wulffs and Hoppers in the lower river are a good bet. Plan on covering more water than you normally would in the upper stretches.

Guided fly fishing in Western Maryland…Backwater Angler Overnighter

I fished Wed on the Savage and landed a beautiful 13″ Brookie and then
floated the N. Branch with Jeff and Jason on Thursday and landed over a half
dozen fish over 14″, (we missed twice as many). We saw fish in excess of 20″ and had a beautiful float.
Want to get in on the action?
For a full description of an ideal Western Maryland trip we’re calling the Backwater Angler Overnighter:

This Fall, Backwater Angler Guides Jason du Pont and Jeff Lewatowski will be hosting anglers in Western Maryland on the Savage river and N. Branch of the Potomac.

Available dates are:
September 4,5,6,7,& 8.
September 11, 12,13, &14.
October 3,4,5,& 6.

The evening wade trip on will start on the Savage river between 3:00 and 3:30 PM. Followed by dinner and an opportunity to fish out back behind the house at twilight.We’re providing lodging at comfortable and quaint house along 1000′ ft of savage river frontage, adjacent to Savage River Outfitters.

The next morning we’ll wake to a quick breakfast, float the N. Branch of the Potomac,enjoy a picnic lunch halfway through the float and will be off the water between 2:00 and 2:30 PM.

You may head back home at that point or fish through the afternoon on the Savage or some of the smaller feeder creeks like Poplar Lick for Brookies.

The total cost for the trip is $495 per person, and includes a guided evening wade trip on the Savage, three meals, lodging and a guided float or wade trip on the N. Branch of the Potomac. These dates will fill up fast. Give us a call at 410-329-6821 and book your trip today.

I hope that we all have an opportunity to fish with you in the near future.
Best regards, Theaux

Note: Rocky and Jeff will be in the shop this Saturday.
Jason and Jeff will both be in the shop this Sunday.
All will be be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding planning your Backwater Angler Overnighter.

Bwo’s, Tricos and Caddis

The river is relatively low at 82CFs, clear and cool for August, at 60 F. Mornings are a great time to try nymphing with small pheasant tails coupled with caddis emergers. Beat the boat traffic by getting an early start and covering Masemore upstream through Falls with #16 Bwo’s and Trico Spinners sized #20-22. Can’t see the fly?

Grease up your leader with GINK and watch it jump.Fish often sip flies this time of year so unless they’re taking caddis it’s likely that your flies willl just disappear. Want to try another dropper rig that’s more visible? Try a caddis or large attractor like a #12-14 stimulator in front of those Bwo’s or Tricos and be sure to use plenty of 7x.

Note: Most of our Gunpowder guides would much rather fish in the rain so don’t let the weather spoil your fun, bring a jacket along and experience tight lines!

Lots of 7x, wild fish in the Gunpowder Falls River and great weather…

Water is clear, 82 Cfs and great for wading…Water temps are 62 -64 F.Don’t wait until school starts to go fishing. People are catching fish RIGHT NOW on BWO’s and Tricos in the morning, beetles , ants and hoppers in the afternoon and caddis and even a few, dare I say it, Sulphurs in the evenings-these patterns may be imitating yellow drakes and even little yellow sallies, but whatever the fish are taking them for rejoice, for you can catch fish on flies that you can actually see.My neighbor picked up a 15″ brown the other evening on a #12 Sulphur Dun. We’ve heard about tricos just about every day this week.

We’re seeing lots of fish in the 14-16″ range looking up so dries are our first choice. Bead head pheasant tails, zebra midges and brassies are all working in the mornings above Falls Rd.Stop in and check out our new hi-vis crazy ant pattern in a #14-16 and fish it hopper dropper style.

Note: Need a tuneup before a trip out West? We’ll be hosting a fly fishing school from 10 till 1:30PM this Sunday and we have room for three in the class. Please call 410-329-6821 and make a reservation.The class is also ideal for beginners and we’ll provide use of all the gear.

Excellent Fly Fishing on the Big Gunpowder Falls Advisory

It’s hot out there and much cooler along the river.Flow is at 111 CFs, gin clear and the water temp is 62 F at Falls Rd. Ants, beetles caddis and hoppers are still producing. Use 12ft to 14ft leaders ending in 7x and hold on, the wild brown trout are getting bigger in the Gunpowder.

Could the fishing get any better?
Thanks to Max and Marty for the following reports:

Hey guys I went fishing on Wednesday below Bunker Hill, and caught a dozen nice fish. They were taking size 14 Green Weenies in the deep pools, and some size 22 elk hair caddis’ in the riffles. I started at about 3pm, and left the river at about 7. the largest fish that I measured was 17 1/2 inches, and was so fat that I could not wrap my hand arround it. There were alot of people tubing, but it did not affect the fishing at all. See you all later, I won’t be in for a while, due to a trip I’m taking to the New York to fish and hike.

I had a lovely outing on the riv yesterday. Despite the sun and heat, I managed well over a dozen fish on dries between 10:30 AM and 5 PM. The key is to find shade. Or overhaging plants, bushes, trees. And, of course, fish. Put in below the dam and made it about halfway to Falls Rd, then fished back up after the sun changed sides in the sky. Saw only two other anglers all day. All fish caught on beetles and ants, all of which were tied by yours truly. Foam beetle did superb damage. In fact, one particular cast brought me two personal bests: 1) it was the third consecutive cast that brought a fish to hand; and 2) it was a 17″ brown, my biggest fish to date on a dry (the proverbial ‘7X serenade’). In fact, on a 30-yard stretch of water, I hooked 6 fish and landed 4. Shortly thereafter, not far from that spot, I succeeded in fooling an even larger fish into taking a beetle, but alas, after a few tugs it turned itself sideways into the current and broke off. Released two 14″ fish, with all the rest but the big guy going 8-12″. All browns. I have found that the bigger fish find ways of almost imperceptibly taking flies or other bugs off the surface. Usually it’s up against a rock or log just where the rock or log imparts a wake to the surface. I noticed a similar phenomenon last year when I caught a few 14-15″ fish in riffles. Never saw the takes, just saw the butt of the fly line dance in a different line.
take ‘er easy, will make an appearance sometime soon.
tight lines fellers.

Note: Getting an early start?
Try small pheasant tails in #18-20 range in the riffles then switch to terrestrials by mid-morning.

Fishing Restrictions in Montana…

It’s hot out West too. I just spoke to my brother in Bozeman, MT and he told me that he experienced a 100 degree day on the East Gallatin last Friday.

I’m posting Fishing restrictions that you may find online at:

Restrictions & Closures Below is a list of the Current Emergency/Temporary Restrictions and Closures to Montana water bodies. Many factors such as drought and fire may lead to a water body being closed for fishing on a temporary basis.

——————————————————————————– Big Hole River Limited Fishing Hours in Upper and Middle Reaches Voluntary Closure – Noon to Midnight Big Hole River between Rock Creek Road to the mouth of the North Fork Big Hole River (upper reach) and from the mouth of the North Fork to Dickie Bridge (Middle Reach) (7/24/2006)

Bitterroot River Emergency Fishing Closure Mandatory Closure – Noon to Midnight Lower Bitterrroot from Tucker Crossing (near Victor) to the confluence with the Clark Fork River in Missoula (7/28/2006)

Blackfoot River Emergency Fishing Closure Mandatory Closure – Noon to Midnight Mainstem Blackfoot River from headwaters to mouth at confluence with the Clark Fork (8/1/2006)

Clark Fork River Emergency Fishing Closure Mandatory Closure – Noon to Midnight Clark Fork River from the outlet of Pond 2 on the Warm Springs WMA to the confluence with the Flathead River (approximately 220 miles). (7/26/2006)

Dearborn River Emergency Fishing Closure Mandatory Closure – Noon to Midnight From Highway 434 Bridge downstream 41 miles to the confluence with the Missouri River north of Craig (7/28/2006)

East Gallatin River Emergency Fishing Closure Mandatory Closure – Noon to Midnight Entire 43 miles of the main-stem river. (7/28/2006)

Gallatin River Emergency Fishing Closure Mandatory Closure – Noon to Midnight Lower Gallatin River from Williams Bridge near the mouth of the canyon downstream to the river mouth at Three Forks. (7/28/2006)

Jefferson River Fishing Closure – Noon to Midnight Mandatory Closure – Noon to Midnight Jefferson River from the confluence of the Big Hole and Beaverhead Rivers near Twin Bridges to the mouth at Three Forks (7/24/2006)

Little Blackfoot River Emergency Fishing Closure Mandatory Closure – Noon to Midnight Entire river is closed to fishing from noon to midnight. (7/26/2006)

Madison River Emergency Fishing Closure Mandatory Closure – Noon to Midnight Lower Madison River from Ennis Dam downstream 40 miles to the mouth of the river. (7/28/2006)

Monture Creek Emergency Fishing Closure Mandatory Closure – [24 hour] Headwaters to Confluence with the mainstem Blackfoot River (8/1/2006) North Fork Blackfoot River Emergency Fishing Closure Mandatory Closure – [24 hour] headwaters to confluence with the mainstem Blackfoot (8/1/2006)

Smith River Emergency Fishing Closure Mandatory Closure – Noon to Midnight (7/28/2006)

Sun River Emergency Fishing Closure Mandatory Closure – Noon to Midnight Sun River from Gibson Dam downstream to the confluence with the Missouri at Great Falls (7/28/2006)

Yellowstone River Emergency Fishing Closure Mandatory Closure – Noon to Midnight Yellowstone River from Big Timber to Huntly (7/28/2006)

Note: These restrictions are temporary so please check
for updates prior to your trip.