Fly Fishing the Gunpowder River During Low Flows…

After a storm that moved fist-sized gravel out of a few feeder creeks and onto Falls Rd, the Gunpowder River is clear and low, at 34 Cfs. Water temps are between 52 and 54 F in the catch and release section and yes, you should be fishing. Clear, low water for the weekend, means that stealth is paramount. Small olives, midge cluster patterns like Renegades and Griffith’s Gnats, and small streamers should work fine. Following is a stream report from Neil and a great question from Bill.
Thanks guys!

The new web site really works well. I fished the Big Gunpowder this weekend. As you know levels are down. I caught several small trout; All in all fishing was good. One can hardly complain, considering that trout are still rising on Dry’s in the middle of November. I may get out there tomorrow. I’ll stop by the shop…


Hi Theaux – It’ll take me a little while to get used to it, but it appears that the new site format gives you more room and flexibility. Will you have a place to
report the current flow rate when the USGS gauge is broken?
Speaking of flow rate, why ~ with all the rain we’ve had ~ are they keeping the valve screwed down so far? All those exposed gravel beds can’t be good for the bugs, can it?


My response:

Thanks for your thoughts. We will still post reports on stream flow when the gauge is broken, but they will be in the new format.
If you have any other suggestions please drop me a line. As far as the flow goes, the city is still waiting for Prettyboy to refill.
I think the bugs will be fine. Insects typically have a good chance of moving as water flow moves up and down as long as they don’t get stranded.
It’s actually safer to have low flows leading up to the spawn, so they fish don’t spawn in areas that might be affected by a further decrease in flow. Following this reasoning,
eggs should not be stranded post spawn if the water is at its lowest now. Low flow this time of year actually benefits the fertilized eggs, and ultimately, the fishery.

Best Regards,