Winter Streamer Fishing along the Gunpowder

Conditions are, shall we say, invigorating along the Gunpowder river. Water temp is 39 F, flow is good-the gauge is icing, but the Gunpowder river is still flowing in the 70-80 CFs range. Streamers are continuing to account for a number of fish between Masemore and Big Falls Rds. Stonefly nymphs like Red Butts and Princes sized #16-18 behind brighter patterns are a better bet from Masemore though Falls Rd. We’ve seen very few stoneflies this week but they are just around the corner. Stay tuned…

Thanks to Mike Smith for the following stream report and photo,
Winter Streamer Fishing along the Gunpowder River

Hi guys,
Fished from York Road to about a mile downstream after swinging by the shop and talking to Theaux. Water was clear and maybe a hair on the high side. Air temperature was low and I did see about a dozen snowflakes around 1:00. Around 2:30 a really fine hail started and the fishing turned off. No sign of surface activity at all–emergence or rises. I figure it was just too cold for any buggage to move. I landed a couple of pretty brownies–a 9-inch and a 12-inch. I was stripping a #8 white and mylar zonker and casting quartering downstream.

–Mike Smith