Gunpowder RIVERKEEPER® Stream Waders Update!

Gunpowder RIVERKEEPER Volunteer Stream Waders use GPS Coordinates
GRK volunteers have just completed sampling three subwatersheds of the Gunpowder River using MBSS protocols. Thanks to all that participated! Following is an enthusiastic note from new GRK member/volunteer Stephen Knott!

Here are a few shots from the Stream Waders outing this Sunday. Willis, A. J., and I had a good time exploring in and around the lower Gunpowder. After a hard days work, I grabbed a bite to eat, watched the Orioles win with a walk off home run, and finished the evening at Falls Road with rising trout. Not bad.

Stephen Knott

Be sure to check out the rest of Stephen’s good work at the Herring Run Watershed Education Center at The Armistead Gardens School

And… in case you’re wondering how to join and participate in Stream Waders with Gunpowder RIVERKEEPER please give the GRK website a look-see.
Gunpowder RIVERKEEPER Volunteers Streamwaders