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Hendrickson’s and High Water on the Gunpowder

Scott G2 Dry Fly Fishing with a Hendrickson and Red Quill Pattern
The Gunpowder river is flowing at 266 CFs and is 56 F. Try Falls Rd through Bunkerhill this weekend as the water drops. Until then, don’t feel compelled to wade deeper than shin or knee deep and consider bringing along a wading staff. Josh just called in from Falls Rd this morning to report Hendricksons on the water and in the air. My guess is that if he was not going to prom this evening he would probably still be fly fishing the Gunpowder! With the water up, try Mike’s Unusuals and Phunny Emergers sized #14. Light bright Zonkers in olive and black will also do the trick especially around undercuts and woody debris. Stop in for a 5ft or 10 ft sinking leaders to fish the streamers effectively. These leaders will also be perfect additions to your kit for the Shad run. The Dogwoods are blooming! It will take a few days for Deer Creek to settle down but don’t miss fly fishing for Shad this Spring as water temps are on the move up. The Susquehanna flats have been slow this week with water temperatures just approaching 60 degrees F. Eric Snyder just dropped off some chartreuse and white, pink and white and red and yellow shad flies with coneheads that are sure to produce.

Please note: Little Falls and the Gunpowder River downstream of the gas line including Upper and Lower Glencoe, Sparks Rd through Phoenix Rd will be receiving another stocking of rainbows next week and will be closed to fishing till April 27.

Gunpowder RIVERKEEPERĀ® Juniata College Alumni Stream Cleanup


Thanks to Matt Slagel and members of the Juniata College Alumni Association who took part in a GRK stream cleanup along the Gunpowder river on April 13, 2013. The group gathered on the porch of Backwater Angler for a quick talk about the importance of the river as a wild trout fishery and how that translates into healthy drinking water for 1.8 million Baltimore metro-area residents. All told they collected trash totaling 168 lbs comprised of 12lbs of recyclables, 125 lbs of trash and 31 lbs of tires (1 tire and 1 retread) along three access points in the catch and release area. Way to go group!

Caddis above Falls Rd and a few Stoneflies and Midges hanging on…

Thanks to Gary and Seth for the Stream Reports!

Hey Theaux
Short note to let you know I was able to take off Monday, 4/8, and got out on the river from 11-4. I fished the upper section and the fishing was unbelievable. Aside from losing count on the the number of fish caught, I was fortunate enough to fight six fish in the 14-16 inch range all fat and feisty….only landed four and I ended the day with a line break from one of the larger fish I’ve fought on the gunpowder over the twenty two years I’ve been fishing this river. It was a big male and he jumped multiple times,I had him close enough to make a few scoop attempts but he was not having any of it. I noticed some stone flies, a few cadis but did not see anything else coming off the river and the fish were eating emergers and the occasional stone and caddis. I caught nearly all the fish on a caddis emerger and was fishing it both wet and dry…what a kick! I really don’t remember a time when so many large fish were actively feeding…simply incredible.


-Headed out yesterday for a short afternoon jaunt. Still seeing stoneflies and small cream midges. Landed this nice brown on a dry pretty quickly into it. Beautiful day, and with the warmer weather this week, I’m hoping we’ll see some hatches soon! Thanks again for the advice and support.

– Seth Hodes

Gunpowder River at Ideal Flows near Baltimore, MD

Wild Browns Near Baltimore, MD
The Gunpowder River is flowing at 92 CFs, is clear and 46 degrees F. The last of the stoneflies are fading. Hendricksons have been on the move since last Saturday. Cooler, not colder nights have kept me from kicking the water trough first thing in the morning to break up the last of the winter ice. Banks are still soft and quite a few are undercut so mind your step as you’re getting back to the river. Stop in and pick up some of Mike Bachkosky’s beautiful Catskill style Light Hendricksons in a #14-16 and purposefully built snowshoe rabbit emergers and unusuals. Blue Winged Olives are present in the upper river but small pheasant tails sized #16-18 and zebra midges in the #20 range are accounting for more fish than the dries. I was lucky enough to join Mike Colegrove and Josh Reider on the stream after work last weekend. Mike found a bright, stocked rainbow that had moved all the way up into the catch and release section and Josh tricked a small brown that gave his Abel reel a run for first prize in the beauty pageant. While I’m used to getting great feedback from customers about how well these guys handle duties at Backwater Angler, I was amazed at how equally skillful these guys are on the other side of the counter and look forward to fishing with them again soon.

G. Loomis NRX and Bauer CFX-1 Gear Review and Stream Report

GLoomis NRX LP Fly Rods
Thanks to Gary for the Fishing report and gear review!

Hey Theaux,

Well as you know it took me about 4 months to get over leaving my beautiful 3/4 wt Scott in the Masemore parking lot and I still miss it very much! So if anyone reading this found the rod…please deliver it the Backwater Shop. But….life goes on and the new Loomis NRX 883-4 3wt accompanied by the Bauer CFX1 reel you sold me this past weekend kept me in the river for nearly 5 hours!. What a beautiful looking and high performing set up! It shoots the line through effortlessly and with hardly a sound and is both powerful for long casts and subtle for fishing the nearby seams. I was lucky enough to catch 7 nice browns all round the 8-9 inch range and lost as many. I suspect one was large as it stopped the emerger in mid swing and snapped my tippet below the knot to the leader. Fighting fish on the new rod was a treat and I am really glad I bought the appropriate reel because it created a perfectly balanced mechanism. It makes me want to start playing ‘hooky’ again.

See you soon,


P.S. Sunday I took it outside and set it up just to look at it!