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Fly Fishing Tricos and Beetles to Wild Trout on Labor Day Weekend

Wild Brown on a Terrestrial

The Gunpowder River is flowing at 78 CFS and is 55.5 degrees F. Conditions on the Gunpowder River are improving leading up to the holiday weekend! We’ve had quite a few guide trips this week with people new to the sport. Many have connected on dry flies patterns including Tricos and Olives in the upper catch and release section. For those that would rather see their flies before the fish take them and would rather not fish 7x wild fish will take terrestrials just fine. Josh Reider recently caught and released this beautiful wild brown in the two fish day stretch on a foam hi-vis beetle.

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G. Loomis NRX review from Alaska

Alaska Fly Fishing
Thanks to Terry for the stream report, review and great shot from Alaska:

Here’s the biggest of the week, 33” and 20lbs, from the Swishkak River in Katmai National Park, right where river empties into the saltwater. The silvers were big and shiny chrome. And packed up in knee-deep, clear water – just like bonefish in the Bahamas. Sight casting with 8wt (Loomis NRX that you sold me), was a delight. Saw every fish, every chase, every take – and then they’d go deep into the backing every single time! It was a terrific experience!

All the best,

Ants, Beetles and Trout

G. Loomis Pro 4x 10 ft 4wt Fly Rod
The Gunpowder River is gin clear and flowing at 78 CFS at 54 degrees F. This week ants, beetles and small grasshoppers have been fooling wild fish. A number of stocked rainbows have been caught as they move from the 5 fish a day section into the upper reach es of the River. Long leaders in the 10 ft to 12 ft range ending in 6x or 7x. Cloudy days have resulted in a few Blue winged Olives in the #18-22 range and we’re even seeing some Trico’s in the afternoon now that the water has warmed up a bit. Slate drake or two has been spotted downstream of the catch and release section. Lots of new fingerling rainbows were recently stocked by Fisheries in the upper catch and release section above Falls Rd. Thanks to Josh for the following stream report from August 11:

Since the water level was dropped a few days ago the Gunpowder River is flowing at 36 CFS. Terrestrial season has heated up and many have found some fish on small beetle and ant patterns. One in particular, tied by Eric Snyder, with a black foam and a peacock underbody has been successful when fished near the banks during the afternoon. In the evenings I have seen a few caddis hatching off above the Masemore Road access. A size #16 tan elk haired caddis should do the trick to fool those finicky fish.With rain in the forecast for tomorrow we may see an increase in flows. That will offer good streamer fishing for the next day or too.

Bright Gunpowder Rainbow Trout