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Leafy water and colorful trout on the Gunpowder

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The Gunpowder is running cold starting at 48 degrees at the start of the day, the level is 38 cfs and clear.

Thanks to Gene for the following Fishing report:
The fishing has been productive for those fishing caddis patterns. Size 16-18 has been the ticket and these have been coming off when the water hits the 50 degree mark, on warmer days this will be late morning on cooler days mid afternoon. In the evening if you scale down to fish midges in the flatter water this will catch fish. I like using size 22 emergers, 12 feet long leader and 7x tippet.

Thanks to Seth for the photos!


October on the Gunpowder

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The Gunpowder is gin clear, 35.7 cfs and starting the day at 49 degrees.

Beautiful autumn colors and vibrant trout abound on the Gunpowder. The fishing has been good as normal for this time of year. Many are reporting observing strong caddis hatches, tan size 18, in the late afternoon through the evening that are bringing up lots of fish. Terrestrials and midges have also been working great. A Griffiths gnat size 20-24 is a super go-to at this time of year in the flat pools where fish are sipping.