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Late July Fishing report

A great brown trout caught on a nymph during a guide trip last week.

The Gunpowder is still sitting at a beautiful 60cfs with temperatures swinging from 51-57F. Although the water is cold, try to limit handling for the fish’s safety. Terrestrials have been the key to fishing on these hot summer days. Using beetles and ants to cover the water shaded by trees has been very productive with opportunistic fish willing to take them. Putting a nymph under the larger foam patterns is an effective way to pluck the more hesitant fish from the moving water.

Nymphing has been a successful tactic when the fish are hesitant to come to the surface. The faster water will be the most productive. I usually use a larger nymph paired with a midge imitation. The larger nymph is used to help get the flies down in the current and deeper water, however the midge is often the most productive of the two.

The last of our Patagonia and Filson clothing will be 50% off for the summer. These are mostly vests, jackets, and pullovers, however there are some other gems in the mix.

*Clothing does not include waders and boots*

Gearing up For Montana

Over my last few years working here at Backwater we always have a stream of anglers itching to go out to Montana and chase after its beautiful fish. but there is always the same question from all of these anglers: “what do I even bring out there?” But don’t worry we are here to help you on your way to an amazing trip. To begin with, you will be needing a sturdy rod with a nice backbone to handle those larger fish and cast larger flies. The rod for the job is the Scott Centric

Scott Centric

The Centric is the perfect Montana rod. It’s strong enough to combat stronger winds and still delivers the perfect presentation. It’s also stiff enough to cast larger streamers but has a lighter tip which allows you to feel the bottom while tight line nymphing.

I you are looking for a spring creek rod for more delicate presentations then we suggest the Scott G Series

Scott G Series

The G Series is the perfect rod for making that delicate cast at a rising fish or that stealthy mend for the perfect drift. The G series is truly a fly fishermen’s dream. With its delicate capabilities it is still able to hold large fish and fish larger flies if needed but excels in lighter flies and tighter spaces.

Next, you’ll be needing flies. We suggest looking at a hatch chart for the Area you will be fishing but if you don’t have time to or can’t find one, we have many great fly options here in the shop. Montana is known for its larger bugs, and even more so for its fish loving to eat these big bugs on the surface. Here at the shop, we have what you need.

As far as waders and boots go, it is a necessity that you have a quality pair to wade the rough waters and hike the rugged terrain. To compete with these conditions that Montana has we recommend the Patagonia Foot Tractors or the Patagonia River Salts.

Patagonia Foot Tractor Boots – Sticky Rubber (Made by Danner)

The price on these boots will be rising this Fall by $100+. If you are looking for that new pair of boots that that has an amazing warranty and will last a long. We highly suggest the River Salt or the Foot Tractor for any of your wading needs.


July Fishing Report

This fish sipped a size 22 midge off the surface during a guide trip earlier this week.

With Summer in full swing the bug activity has definitely slowed down. Although the heavy rains yesterday caused spillover at the dam, the Gunpowder has returned to 63 cfs and the temperature is in the low 50s. Occasional sulphurs and caddis are still present through most of the river; however, their numbers and size have dwindled. Ants, beetles, and midges have started to become the main food sources off the surface. It is best to cover as much water as possible with terrestrials and adding a dropper off the bend of the hook won’t hurt. The fish rising to midges will be localized to the slower pools where the rises are more subtle. This is when the light line, long leaders, and small flies are essential to getting these picky fish.

Nymphing has been the most consistent tactic along the river with the mornings seeming the most active. We have had luck fishing a caddis pupa paired with a zebra midge or other midge patterns. Allow these flies to drift below you and you will often pull fish up on the swing. Targeting the fastest and deepest water will result in the most successful trip. This depth and current provide more oxygen, food, and protection for these fish to hold in during these hot summer days. Come stop by the shop to get anything you need for your next trip.

Gunpowder Fishing Report

The Gunpowder is flowing at 65 cfs and has been holding steady for the last week. the temperature of the water is 52 degrees, this is perfect for wet wading. if you need a new pair of wet wading socks stop in the shop to pick up the new Patagonia fleece over sock which allows for a comforting feel in the water while fishing. we are seeing fish take caddis and Trestrails off the surface. patterns that have been most effective are as follows, Elk hair caddis, X Caddis, smaller stimulators, and Cubby Chernobyl’s. we have been experiencing the best fishing from 3-7 in the afternoon and from 7-10 in the mornings. stop by the shop to restock your flies and get more Indepth intel.