Monthly Archives: October 2022

Last of the Terrestrials on the Gunpowder River

The Gunpowder River is flowing at 40 CFs, is clear and reaching 55 degrees F. Fortunately this week’s light frost did not put a stop to the last of the terrestrials. If one still has ants and beetles and maybe a small hopper in the summer box, now is the time to use them. Consider a small dropper off of something you can see-as smaller hooks catch fewer leaves this time of year. Folks have also been connecting with traditional unweighted streamers especially in the logjams and bend pools. Low water typically mean a longer walk that can be worthwhile as long as one uses the trail network. This week, skip the flat water and spend more time in the riffles. Watch out for the last of the ground bees-that said yellow is a great color to try in the next week when trying dries. Longer leaders ending in 6x will make a difference especially given how bright the days have been lately…so seek shade or fish ealy and late if you can avoid raking leaves or cleaning out the garage.

Please note: The shop will be closed from Saturday October 22 till Wednesday October 26th and will reopen on Thursday, October 27th.