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Backwater Angler’s Top Ten for Christmas


A Fly selection is one of the best stocking stuffers for anglers. We can adjust the number of flies and type to whatever best suits their needs.

2.Backwater Angler Guide Trip Gift Certificate | BACKWATER ANGLER

These certificates grant you access to lots of knowledge and insight on the mechanisms of the river and the techniques we use. It is redeemable whenever you are inspired to go out and be treated with all the gear and knowledge necessary to have a good day on the water.


The Ross is a fantastic gift for the Holidays. With a light feel and durable frame it is one of the best reels to buy for anyone wanting to up their fishing game.

4.Patagonia Winter Weight Fleece Oversock | BACKWATER ANGLER

Tired of cold feet in the winter? Solve that problem with the Patagonia Winter weight fleece over sock. This sock is the best solution that we have found at the shop to keep you warm and comfortable on the water.

5.Scott Centric | BACKWATER ANGLER

The Scott Centric is the top of the line the best of the best. this rod can handle smaller streams like the Gunpowder River but, it works just as well when you’re chasing after those larger fish weather that’s big Trout, Bass, pike, or anything else that swims.

6.Airflo SuperFlo Power Taper | BACKWATER ANGLER

Airflo Power taper is a heavy taper fly line that can load up fast and get your flies to where you want them to be. This line pairs perfectly with the Scott centric!

7.Abel Vaya 5/6 Native Brown Trout | BACKWATER ANGLER

The Abel Vaya is the best reel for trout. This reel suits all of your fishing needs. It is an extremely high quality and very durable reel with a lifetime warranty. we have a vast assortment of sizes and paint jobs to pick from.

8.Echo Trout Fly Rod | BACKWATER ANGLER

The Echo trout is one of Echo’s greatest products in our opinion. It is light and has a fast action that allows the angler to cast in tough winds out west or be precise on small rivers like our home-water: The Gunpowder River.

9.Patagonia | Product categories | BACKWATER ANGLER

Patagonia’s line of waders has exceeded the markets expectations with comfortable, warm, lightweight waders that are made entirely from recycled materials. Each style of wader can cater to your needs and will have you set for years to come.

10.Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Sling | BACKWATER ANGLER

Fishpond has had the best packs and accessories on the market for years now. The versatility of these packs allows the angler to customize them much more than their competitors. The submersible pack is entirely waterproof so you will not have to worry about taking off their bag, soaking their gear, or even worse their phone.

Stop by the shop or give us a call at 443-357-9557 with any questions regarding the gear and sizing and you’ll be set with a wonderful gift for the Holidays.



Holiday Hours at Backwater Angler

In preparation for the holidays we will be open this Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10-3  and following Christmas, we will re-open on Boxing Day, Monday the 26th, and will be open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10-3. Anyone needing a last minute gift can stop by and get the help they need from Hudson , Jacob or Theaux.

After hours, Give our online shop a look!

We have a large selection of gear that can be specialized for each and every person on your list! We also have gift certificates that can be emailed and customized for items, a guide trip, or a fly fishing school.

Holiday Hours:
Open 10 till 3
Monday 19th
Tuesday 20th
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Friday the 23rd
Closed Saturday the 24th and 25th.
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Monday the 26th
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Closed Saturday the 31st and Sunday the 1st. 


December 7 Gunpowder River Fishing Report

On Pearl Harbor Day, the Gunpowder is clear, low, flowing at 65 CFs and is 48 Degrees F. After a hard frost earlier in the week, the trails are in great shape and ready to be trodden. Midges and tiny Blue Winged Olives are making up the bulk of the “hatches”. Zebra midges are worth a shot! One will stay warmer fishing streamers as long as one keeps moving. As Hudson suggested over the holidays, with water temps dropping, leaky waders will make themselves known…To that end we have waders from Patagonia that will fit the bill. If you made it through summer without a hitch in the Patagonia travel waders or want to stay extra comfy when it’s icy out stop on in and pick up some winter weight fleece socks.

Patagonia Winter Weight Fleece Oversock


Consider taking on Euro-nymphing as a winter project-the longer, lighter rods may keep you out of the deep cold water and it’s likely you’ll be nymphing anyway-just more effectively. The Echo Shadow X 11 ft 3wt is just the tool to deliver those jigs nymphs up close and personal to those wary wild browns.

Echo Shadow X

Gone are the crowds of spring and summer.Enjoy!

Abel TR 4/5 Fly Reels in Native Brook, Native Brown and Native Rainbow in stock!

Abel TR 4/5 Fly Reels in Native Rainbow, Native Brown and Native Brook

If one could only justify needing another trout reel, the Abel TR series is a winner! Among the awards bestowed on them in the past few years; “Best Freshwater Fly Reel” at the AFFTA Show in 2018, and two Best Awards from both Outdoor Canada Magazine-“Best of Show” and “Best New Trout Reel” from Fly Fisherman’s Gear Guide in 2019. We humbly assert that these will fit in a stocking whether alone or nestled together, will outlast your favorite fly rod-technology is the devil…and are worthy of your frank consideration and attention and are in-stock until they’re gone. Please note, pictures are of in-stock reels ready to ship.