Monthly Archives: January 2023

Gunpowder River Fishing Report 1/28

The Gunpowder River is flowing at 99 cfs and the temperature is 41 degrees F. With the water staying high, fishing larger and heavier nymphs has been working well. We have found that patterns like the blowtorch, mini jig leach, and the Frenchie jig have been our top producers. Flies with natural bodies and a hot spot collar are the way to go. Streamers have also been producing. We have found that stripping them slowly has been the most effective. Patterns like the Bank Robber Sculpin, Wooly bugger, Baby Gonga, and the Complex Twist Bugger have been our best producers. The upper river has been fishing well these last few weeks. Soft seams and deeper pools are where the fish seem to be holding. Make sure to watch out for ice when hiking into your spot. Safe fishing.

The Shop will be Closed on Thursday February 2nd and Friday February 3rd.

Beginning of The Year Fishing Report

With warm weather in the forecast for the next week expect fishing to have some excitement with more active fish. The Gunpowder River is flowing at 87 CFS at 42F which are great conditions for all tactics on the water.  On warmer days you may find midges, blue wing olives, or little black stoneflies that may hatch allowing for some dry fly action during our winter. Imitations for these are often in the size 16-20 with a thin black or grey body.

Nymphing has been the most consistent way to fish during the winter. Pairing heavier flies like jig leeches with midges or smaller mayfly imitations have proven effective to for the trout while also reaching the bottom quickly. Euro nymphing has been most effective using heavy tungsten jig nymphs. The Shadow X 11′ 3wt has been the best rod for the job. it has a super sensitive tip and allows you to get your nymphs in the strike zone.  Stop in the shop to cast it and before the warm weather runs out! Happy New Year!

Swinging small streamers in the faster water and near larger structure has been effective as well. If you plan on doing this you should expect to lots of water. Most strikes occur on the first swing through each hole so make sure to place yourself in the best location for each hole you fish.