Monthly Archives: May 2023

Late May Fishing Report

As of May 25th, the Gunpowder River has dropped down to 38 CFS and is ranging between 46-53F. With no rain in the near future, it is expected to stay low for a while.  This will cause the need for longer and lighter leaders. Fishing a 10-12ft leader will greatly improve your drifts in the low water. It is best to avoid the slower water as fish will have lots of time to analyze your fly and the fish generally spook much easier. Target the riffles and deeper pools for the most success.

In the morning, we have had success swinging wet flies through the riffles in between pools. This has been an easy and successful method to catch fish consistently. As the water warms up throughout the day the sulphurs are prevalent. Again, the riffles will be more productive even while fishing the dries.  Nymphing is still an effective method on the river when the water is low, however it is key to target the deepest water and limit your disturbance in the pool.

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Best Three Weight Fly Rods in Maryland!

Our Line-up of Three Weights!

In the shop we have a wide variety of three weights for all of your small water needs. From fiberglass to Euro style rods, we have all the bases covered.

For the extra small creeks look no further than the Scott F series and Scott G series These rods are both under 8 feet long and provide excellent precision on the water. The F series is the best fiberglass rod we have come across and is perfect for your backcountry fishing as it breaks down to just 18 inches.



If you want something delicate yet sturdy enough to handle larger water the best options are the G. Loomis IMX Pro Creek and NRX+ LP. These rods come in at 7′ 9″ and 8′ 3″ respectively and provide precision like no other. The fast action on the rods help cast in tight areas and will provide the delicacy needed to present a fly in tight conditions while having enough backbone to stand up to larger fish.



With the popularity of Euro nymphying greatly increasing recently, it is important to bring the right gear for the tactic. The 10′ 3 weight shadow II and shadow X from Echo have been spectacular Euro rods for our customers and employees. The extra foot makes an incredible difference in presentation and a very sensitive tip sections allows the user to feel every strike or rock throughout their drift. Despite being a 3weight, these rods can withstand large rivers and turn over large nymph rigs.



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Mid-May Fishing Report: Sulphurs are here!

Targeting a specific fish will help improve your casts and drifts in a sea of rises. Pick a fish, give it a few casts, and move onto the next. There are plenty of fish to be caught and it is best not to get hung up on one fish.

The water has dropped down to 66 cfs as of May 17th and is ranging between 45-51F throughout the day. Earlier throughout the day it is best to try swinging wet flies and nymphing. The caddis and sulphurs need some time to warm up to begin hatching, so most fish will be feeding on the nymphal and emerger stages of the bugs early in the day.

As the day progresses, sulphurs will begin to dance on the surface and the trout respond. It is best to bring multiple patterns to figure out which style of dry the fish want, as the smallest details can make a great difference in your catches. Longer leaders also help to maintain a drag-free drift and will greatly improve your presentation. These fish will not spook if you take your time, be patient and the river will show just how many fish are in each pool.

Early May Gunpowder River Fishing Report

The Gunpowder River is clear and coming down nicely from 329 CFs on April 29th to a now ideal 103 CFs. Consequently water temps are rising a bit from a chilly 47.3 F and should be closer to the mid 50’s by the end of the weekend. We’re starting to see some clean gravel as the Didymo gets washed through. Swinging wets and nymphing other than drop-shotting is still tough and requires a lot of clearing between drifts and swings. A few Hendricksons and March Browns are still hanging on and have been returning on calmer, less windy days.Small Caddis and tiny Blue Winged Olives are flitting about and Sulphurs are certainly around the corner…