Early August Fishing Report

It’s just past midsummer and it is hot outside. The river has been fairly empty of fisherman many of whom are out of town or wish to avoid the heat. We here at Backwater thoroughly discourage this position. The weather has been fairly pleasant as of late and the fish are very active in the early morning and late evenings. When we get morning Caddis’ hatches the Gunpowder can be incredibly productive. We highly suggest taking some time to do some early morning dry fly fishing. While the heat may be oppressive during midday, the river and nearby banks are far cooler than many assume. At Falls Road the river is around 55F meaning that most of the river is still bone chillingly cold even in the hottest summer day.
My advice on taking advantage of the summer lull is to use caddis for your dries or beetle patterns. For droppers I have liked San-Juan worms, Caddis emergers are doing well along with pheasant tales and zebra midges. We recommend fishing shallow riffles and faster moving water. Avoid wading and approach the water as stealthily as possible. The water is low, and the fish will see you if you are not carful.

For those planning to use streamers white and Olive is working. We discourage sink tip at this time unless fishing upper falls or fast water. Smaller fish will be your primary takers with the occasional larger fish if you’re fishing in the late evenings or early morning. Streamers are usually the most productive during or after heavy rains.