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Airflo Fly Lines In-Stock

Airflo’s newest run of fly lines have been effective for everyone at the shop. Our two favorites, the Universal taper and the Tactical taper, are great options for anyone going out trout fishing. With the peak of summer passing, now is the time to replace a beaten up line from the past season.

The Universal taper is the go-to for most fisherman. The Universal taper provides enough delicacy to fish small dry flies but has a thick enough head to turn over some bigger indicators rigs or hopper-droppers. The Universal will suit most rods very well, and should be the line you can take out fishing wherever.

Airflo SuperFlo Universal Taper

The Tactical taper is the most delicate of the lines Airflo offers. The best uses for this line is certainly with a standard or small dry fly. The very gradual taper will be perfect for low water conditions and fishing slower pools where fish often spook easily. This line best suits slower action rods, but will still load a moderate to fast action rod well.

Airflo SuperFlo Tactical Taper

Higher Flows in Late July


Note: As of 7/23, the water has dropped back to 30 CFS. While our tactics are still the same, be careful to limit your wading.

With thunderstorms hitting the area quite often this past week, the city raised the flows to 50 CFS. Although this may not seem like a significant jump, the added water will give the fish more security and more food to eat. Unlike other creeks and rivers in the mid-Atlantic, the Gunpowder has stayed cool through the heat and low water, with temperatures swinging from 50-55 degrees through the day. Fishing terrestrials have been the most successful method lately. Lots of fish looking for the bigger beetles, ants and even hoppers throughout the Gunpowder. Stop in the shop to pick up some of the many terrestrial patterns we have.

Nymphing will be more effective now that the water is higher. The added flows will allow you to get closer to the fish, but you should still limit your wading. The best water to nymph is often close to big structure or current. Even with added flow, the smaller mayfly and midge imitations have worked the best.

New Terrestrial Box Bundle

It is the peak of summer and its time to fish Terrestrials! Backwater Angler has selected some of their favorite ant, beetle and small hopper patterns to fill a box for a beginner getting into fishing or a veteran looking to add some great summer patterns to the box.

The Umpqua’s LT Mini Foam Box is filled with 10 patterns, with 3 of each pattern for a total of 30 terrestrial flies. From a small CDC ant to a Chubby Chernobyl hopper this box will cover all bases for your terrestrials.

With this Box Bundle, you save just over 10 dollars at the price of 88.76

Backwater Angler’s Personalized Terrestrial Box

Mid-July Fly Fishing Report


A foggy July morning on the Gunpowder.

This past week the water has dropped down to our low summer flows at 30 cfs and is swinging from 50-58 degrees as the day goes on. Fishing has been particularly good in the morning before the water starts to heat up. Fishing a caddis in the riffles and faster water has been effective, while targeting the banks and structure with terrestrials has brought up fish for many. One of the most effective methods to fish this time of year is a dry-dropper. A midge or small mayfly imitation dropped off the back of a caddis or beetle allows you to effectively nymph but staying subtle enough to not spook the fish you’re targeting.

If you are really itching to nymph, tight-line nymphing is the way to go. A hefty indicator can often spook fish this time of year, so by getting rid of it you increase your likelihood of getting some fish to net. Targeting the faster runs and deeper pools will also increase your chances and will allow you to still get close to those fish in the low water.

July Clothing sale

A Christmas in July! We are having a sale for 50% off of all clothing in the store through the month of July in-store only-no special orders! This includes all jackets, shirts, pants, and socks; However, waders, boots and hats are still at full price. Come in and pick up some great clothing!

Backwater Angler will be closed on Sunday, July 4th for the Holiday, but will be open everyday of the week besides Tuesday and Wednesday for the rest of the month. Have a safe 4th!

Mid May Fishing Report

With the warmth of spring finally settling in the bugs are coming out. The river is flowing at 58 CFS and swinging around 51F. Sulphurs are coming off in good numbers with more expected to come in the next few weeks. Fishing them in the early afternoon has been the most effective, with potential for a wonderful evening bite near dusk. Caddis are also mixed in with the sulphurs and have been most effective in the morning, but opportunistic fish are willing to take them throughout the day.

A Cicada and it’s shell found in the Shop’s parking lot.

Everyone has been waiting and they’re finally here! The emergence of the Brood X Cicadas has started, although their numbers are not prolific yet. With warm weather in the forecast, expect an explosion soon. We have three Cicada patterns in the shop waiting to meet the water’s surface.

Easter Weekend Fishing Report and Shop Hours

As we go into the weekend the Gunpowder is flowing at 131 Cfs and 46 degrees Fahrenheit. The heightened flows have provided excellent opportunities to nymph the river. Using a heavy anchor fly helps to get small midge nymphs down to fish in the fast current.  Fish have been eagerly feeding sub-surface and on the warmer, calmer days fish can be found sipping midges off the surface in the eddies and slower pools.

Shop Hours For the Weekend:

Friday: 10am-3pm

Saturday: 10am-3pm

Sunday: Closed for Holiday

Monday: 10am-3pm



February Stocking in the Gunpowder

The Maryland Department of Natural resources recently stocked the Put and Take section of the Gunpowder River.The River is flowing at 63 cfs and is 36 degrees at Falls Road. Down lower in the River, near Glencoe the river is flowing at 153 cfs. With 2,000 rainbow trout being stocked in the Put and Take section, fishing with small streamers slowly and nymphing with indicators are your best options. With warmer weather in our future be sure to get out on the river, whether it be on the Catch and Release or down on the Put and Take, enjoy it.

Echo Euro Nymphing Rods

A longer rod is the keystone to Euro Nymphing.  Echo designed The Shadow X specifically for Nymphing. I acquired my Shadow X 1003-4 (10 ft, 3 weight 4 piece) early in the fall and have thoroughly enjoyed fishing with it since. At 10, 10 and a half, and 11 feet in length you can Tight-line or Euro-nymph without having to wade deep into the pools. The very sensitive tip section is ideal for staying in touch with your flies and , feeling a fish take and protecting light tippet, but have enough backbone to turn fish out of strong currents. I’ve also found it ideal for using indicator rigs, as the longer length of these rods functions to turn over the heavy setups easily with a roll cast.

Echo Shadow X

Early February Gunpowder River Fishing Report

The cold is persistent with chances of snow on most days in the upcoming forecast. The trails will continue to be covered in mixture of ice and snow, so wading may well be the safest method of moving spots. The river is staying around 39F and is currently at 65 cfs. Fishing has been difficult for most, but nymphing can still be effective. Especially with small tungsten midges. Fish are mostly feeding on the stoneflies and midges tight to structure and the bottom.