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Late August Fishing Report


With the flows at a minimal 34 CFS at Falls Road fishing has been tough.  However, the rain yesterday and last night added some much needed water into many of the tributaries.  Fishing anywhere downstream of Masemore Road will be better because of the slight stain to the water from Bush Cabin Run.  Many reports have come in that nymphing small caddis pupa and red zebra midges have been the ticket to fool fish in the Gunpowder River.  Small olive body caddis patterns have also been working throughout the evenings this past week.


Low Flows and Big Fish on the Gunpowder River


Fishing on the Gunpowder the past week has been very difficult.  Long leaders ending in 6X and 7X are a must.  With the flows at only 32CFS at Falls Road you can expect most of the fish to be holding in deeper riffles and pools until the flows bump back up.  Fishing small nymphs under small terrestrials is still a great method.  Many have also had luck fishing unweighted traditional streamer patterns.  The fish above ate a small streamer in a deeper pool on the Gunpowder.  I caught it on a 10′ 5 weight Scott Radian.  It was a great fight, with one jump and a few runs that took me a hundred yards upstream then back downstream.  It is not to often that we see a fish this big, but they are in the Gunpowder.  Stop in the shop on your way to the river and pick up some flies and long leaders to fool the brown trout on the Gunpowder.

Dog Days of Summer and Cold Water on the Gunpowder


Fishing this week has been tough as the flows dropped down to 32 CFS at Falls Road.  Even with these low summer flows many have been able to find fish in stretches below Masemore Road where there are a few tributaries adding needed water to the river. Fishing a small ant or beetle along the banks is a great way to trick the weary Gunpowder fish into eating a dry.  Also, fishing a caddis in the deeper riffles could prove to be productive. Stop in the shop to pick up some long leaders ending in 6X or 7X. The fish above fell for a beetle fished below some overhanging branches and the fish below ate a nymph dropped off of a small beetle.


Scott Fly Rods – Built in Montrose, Colorado


Scott Fly Rod Company out of Montrose, Colorado has been building rods since 1974.  Their completely American built hand-made rods have caught the attention of the fishing industry once again with some of their new rods.  The Radian, a fast-action rod that keeps the feel of the “Scott Difference” and is one of the top all around rods on the market.  Their other new model, the Tidal, is a saltwater rod priced at a very reasonable price point.  It again is a “do-it-all rod” that is perfect for fishing the bay or to take on a trip to the flats.  We also have their beloved F2 series as well as G2 series in stock.  Come in and feel the “Scott Difference” today.


Mid-Summer on the Gunpowder River


With the Gunpowder River flowing at 60 CFS and water temperatures around 52°F.  Fishing caddis or a sulphur dun in the middle of the day through the evening is still a productive method.  Many have come into the shop having had success fishing small ant and beetle patterns.  Dropping small nymphs off of the terrestrials is a great method to fool the wild Gunpowder browns as well.  Thanks to Bill for the stream report:

We fished yesterday and were able to catch a sulphur hatch on the Little Gunpowder River. The fish went crazy, they were rising so much that you never knew where the next one would rise.  After the hatch, the fishing became slow until in the evening we landed a couple brown trout on an Elk Haired Caddis.  Thanks for your help with the fly selection, they worked!


Maryland Warm-Water Fly Fishing


If you are tired of fishing for finicky trout try fishing the warm-water options all around the area. Fishing for bass on top-water flies, like the poppers tied by Eric Snyder below, can be a lot of fun. Carp are another great warm water target species.  To catch a carp you must be able to make accurate casts, choose the right fly, and have a little bit of luck. They are very difficult to catch, especially when they are feeding in shallow water.  Stop by the shop to check out some of Eric’s patterns and give the warmer water a try before summer ends.


NEW Trout Hunter Leader and Tippet


How many times when fishing have wished you could have a tippet size between 5X and 6X? Look no further, Trout Hunter has tippet sizes in 0.5X.  Our personal favorites for the Gunpowder are 5.5X and 6.5X.  They come in a UV resistant package to keep the nylon from breaking down.  All tippet spools have color-coded bands rather then small numbers to distinguish between tippet sizes.  Another great advantage is having a 50 yard spool rather then a 30 yard spool, which means running out of tippet less and spending more time on the water.  Trout Hunter leaders also come in a standard UV resistant package.  Whether you need a 14 foot leader for stalking spooking fish in the chalk streams of Pennsylvania, a 8 foot leader to fish little brook trout streams in western Maryland, or a 9 foot leader for fishing in a drift boat out west, Trout Hunter makes a leader for it.  Our favorite leader for fishing on the Gunpowder is a 12 foot Finesse leader designed to fish small dries.  Come in and try out the products designed by René Harrop that Trout Hunter offers.

Caddis, Ants, and Beetles on the Gunpowder River


With the Gunpowder River at 92 CFS and peaking at 52°F at Falls Road, fishing the last couples days has been great.  We have seen fish looking up and willing to take a variety of patterns. Fishing small caddis in a tan or dark brown has been the most productive method but many have started to fish small ants and beetle patterns on the river.  Many fish have been holding on the banks of the river, so be sure to make a cast or two before you get into the water.  You will be surprised where some of the little browns will hold.  If fish are not rising many have had success nymphing small caddis pupa and zebra midges.  The fish above fell for a little beetle pattern fished along the bank.  As long as the weather holds true, fishing should be great this upcoming weekend.  Swing in the shop on your way to the river and pick up a couple small terrestrials like the hoppers below tied by Rainy’s Flies.


Beginner’s Fly Fishing School this Sunday July 12th

Please join us for a fly fishing school. On Sunday, July 12th, a Backwater Angler Guide will be teaching a fly fishing school that is ideal for beginners. If you’re planning on fly fishing in Maryland, or anywhere else for that matter, this course is a great introduction to the sport. The school covers knots, casting, gear and fly selection. Class is held from 9:00 AM till 12:00 PM. Cost is $125 per person and includes the use of gear. A Maryland non-tidal fishing license and trout stamp is required and may be purchased at the shop with check or cash the day of the school. Class size is limited to 4 and pre-registration is required. Please give us a call at 410-357-9557 to pre-register.

Winston LT and WT Rods


Come in and check out Winston LT and WT rods we have in stock.  We have 4 LT’s in 9′ 6 weight, 8’9″ 5 weight, 7’9″ 3 weight, and 7’9″ 2 weight models.  We also have 3 WT’s in 8′ 4 weight, 8′ 4 weight TMF, and 7′ 3 weight models.  The softer tip of the LT allows for ease in close casts, while the lower sections provide enough power to fish larger flies at a distance.  The WT series has a faster action giving enough backbone to make longer casts, but keeps the same “Winston feel” with a forgiving and softer tip section.  Both models come with a nickel silver and burled wood insert for the reel seat. Come cast one of the rods at the shop and feel the difference in a Winston.