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Flyfishing Grand Bahama for Bonefish

Grand Bahama Bonefish

With the Mayan Apocalypse and more importantly, last minute holiday shopping behind us, anglers throughout the Mid Atlantic may find themselves bundled up and thinking about warmer locations and more cooperative fish. We have recently been outfitting folks heading to Belize, the Caribbean, South Carolina, New Zealand, South Florida and the Keys. I was fortunate enough to escape the Mid-Atlantic cold for a week of fishing on Grand Bahama Island. While generally not as well publicized as other bonefish destinations in the Bahamas, Grand Bahama is home to some of best guides and oldest fly fishing lodges in the Caribbean and is one very special fishery. GBI does not have the endless white sand or marled flats that some of the other islands do but what it lacks in sprawling wadeable flats it more than makes up for in abundance and size of fish. One can expect dependable shots at double digit and even teen-sized bonefish on the north and east sides of the island. While there, I fished with a guide and waded on my own and would highly recommend fishing with a one of the island’s many established bonefishing operations. The local guides will lead you into the most productive areas and put you onto countless fish that you might otherwise miss going solo. That being said, I found enough fish on my own wading the islands south side beach flats to keep me busy for the rest of the week.
Fly Fishing on Grand Bahama for Bonefish

G. LOOMIS PRO-4X FLYRODS in Stock at Backwater Angler

GLOOMIS PRO-4X Freshwater Fly Rods
We recently received a large shipment of this year’s Best in Show at ICAST winning G Loomis Pro-4X rods here at the shop. I have had a chance to play with these rods in weights from 3-10 and I am very impressed. Retailing between $335-$365 , these latest offerings from the wizards at G. Loomis easily cast as well as rods that cost twice as much. I have yet to find anything priced anywhere near the PRO-4X that can do so many things so well. These rods are not as fast as other Loomis products we have had in the shop, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The NRX was a real boomer but was almost too powerful for most of the trout fishing we do here on the east coast. These new Loomis rods strike a happy medium and are a real joy to cast. The tips are soft but recover well and the butt section has enough reserve power to punch a lot of line out when you need it. The 3 and 4 weights are light and accurate and would shine for all around duty here on the Gunpowder, while the 5 and 6 weights would be right at home throwing large terrestrials and streamers out west. Where I believe these rods really come into their own, however, is in the heavier weights. I’ve found it very difficult to find a great fast action saltwater rod without spending upwards of $600-Look no further. Offered in 9 & 10 foot 7wt-10wts, these rods can comfortably throw a #4 Gotcha at distant tailing bonefish and just as easily heave a heavy sinking line at big fall rockfish here on the Chesapeake. We have a number of PRO-4X’s in the rack so feel free to come up and cast these rods with us. As with all G. Loomis rods, the PRO-4X’s are proudly made in the USA.
G LOOMIS PRO-4X Saltwater Flyrods