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Good, Better and Best Fly Fishing Outfits

   For gear we propose three set-ups you can find in the shop. Our low-price option is the Echo lift kit, which comes in sizes 9 for 4-6 with the echo base reel and a 12-month warranty. The Echo Lift kit will come in at a price of $189.99 making it a great choice for a starter or low-cost rod. Our second suggestion falls into the mid-price range with the Echo Trout 9-foot 5 weight costing $349.99 with a warranty extended through the life of the rod. For your reel and line, we suggest the Lamson Liquid reel ($139.99) and Airflow Universal Taper ($100). In total this kit will cost you $589.98.Echo Trout Fly Rod | BACKWATER ANGLER  Lamson Liquid – Smoke | BACKWATER ANGLER

Another great mid-price rod is the IMX pro Creek with a price of $570 with lifetime warranty. Its a great smaller river rod with no particular disadvantages and lots of play to the tip making it the perfect rod for the Gunpowder. We suggest a Lamson Remix with this rod ($189) with the Airflow Tactical Taper ($100). In total this setup will cost you around $859. G Loomis IMX Pro Creek | BACKWATER ANGLER lamson remix | Search Results | BACKWATER ANGLER

If you’re looking for something a bit wider ranging, we suggest the NRX + ($915). A stiffer and faster rod from G-Loomis. The rod will work wonders on larger waters such as those found out west and give you easy control over your casts. We would pair this rod with the Abel TR 4/5 (625$) with the Airflow Power Taper ($100) to take advantage of that powerful cast you can get with this rod. this setup will cost you around ($1640) But is an excellent choice for around home and on bigger water. G. Loomis NRX + | BACKWATER ANGLER    Abel TR 4/5 in Satin Black | BACKWATER ANGLER

Final suggestion we offer a high price kit featuring a Scott Centric ($945), a handcrafted rod with lifetime warranty. For your reel and line, we suggest an Abel Vaya ($675) and Airflow Power Taper ($129.99) or Airflow Tactical Taper ($100). in total this kit will cost you around $1800 and will last you a lifetime. Scott Centric | BACKWATER ANGLER      Abel Vaya 4/5 Satin Black | BACKWATER ANGLER

In other news the gunpowder has entered peak beetle season. Larger foam patterns and stimulators will work all day especially under bushes and overhanging trees. We highly suggest running a dropper setup with any large flies you throw.