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Gunpowder River Fishing Report 1/28

The Gunpowder River is flowing at 99 cfs and the temperature is 41 degrees F. With the water staying high, fishing larger and heavier nymphs has been working well. We have found that patterns like the blowtorch, mini jig leach, and the Frenchie jig have been our top producers. Flies with natural bodies and a hot spot collar are the way to go. Streamers have also been producing. We have found that stripping them slowly has been the most effective. Patterns like the Bank Robber Sculpin, Wooly bugger, Baby Gonga, and the Complex Twist Bugger have been our best producers. The upper river has been fishing well these last few weeks. Soft seams and deeper pools are where the fish seem to be holding. Make sure to watch out for ice when hiking into your spot. Safe fishing.

The Shop will be Closed on Thursday February 2nd and Friday February 3rd.

Beginning of The Year Fishing Report

With warm weather in the forecast for the next week expect fishing to have some excitement with more active fish. The Gunpowder River is flowing at 87 CFS at 42F which are great conditions for all tactics on the water.  On warmer days you may find midges, blue wing olives, or little black stoneflies that may hatch allowing for some dry fly action during our winter. Imitations for these are often in the size 16-20 with a thin black or grey body.

Nymphing has been the most consistent way to fish during the winter. Pairing heavier flies like jig leeches with midges or smaller mayfly imitations have proven effective to for the trout while also reaching the bottom quickly. Euro nymphing has been most effective using heavy tungsten jig nymphs. The Shadow X 11′ 3wt has been the best rod for the job. it has a super sensitive tip and allows you to get your nymphs in the strike zone.  Stop in the shop to cast it and before the warm weather runs out! Happy New Year!

Swinging small streamers in the faster water and near larger structure has been effective as well. If you plan on doing this you should expect to lots of water. Most strikes occur on the first swing through each hole so make sure to place yourself in the best location for each hole you fish.

December 7 Gunpowder River Fishing Report

On Pearl Harbor Day, the Gunpowder is clear, low, flowing at 65 CFs and is 48 Degrees F. After a hard frost earlier in the week, the trails are in great shape and ready to be trodden. Midges and tiny Blue Winged Olives are making up the bulk of the “hatches”. Zebra midges are worth a shot! One will stay warmer fishing streamers as long as one keeps moving. As Hudson suggested over the holidays, with water temps dropping, leaky waders will make themselves known…To that end we have waders from Patagonia that will fit the bill. If you made it through summer without a hitch in the Patagonia travel waders or want to stay extra comfy when it’s icy out stop on in and pick up some winter weight fleece socks.

Patagonia Winter Weight Fleece Oversock


Consider taking on Euro-nymphing as a winter project-the longer, lighter rods may keep you out of the deep cold water and it’s likely you’ll be nymphing anyway-just more effectively. The Echo Shadow X 11 ft 3wt is just the tool to deliver those jigs nymphs up close and personal to those wary wild browns.

Echo Shadow X

Gone are the crowds of spring and summer.Enjoy!

Gunpowder River Fishing Report

The Gunpowder River is holding at a steady 56 CFS and 51 degrees. The water is staying clear and the leaves are starting to become less of a problem for nymph and streamer fishermen. As we move into cooler weather streamer fishing is getting consistently better. Patterns like the Baby Gonga in black, Wooly Bugger in olive and black, Slump Buster in grey, and Bonds Dragon in olive are working well. Midges have been the top producing dries this week. Patterns like the WD-40 and the Crystal Para Midge have been working well. Nymph Fishing has been very effective in the last few weeks. Whether you fishing under an indicator or tight lining, you can’t go wrong with patterns like the Prince Nymph, the Copper John, the Blow Torch, the Perdigon, and the Hares Ear. As the cold weather sets in it’s a good idea to start thinking about getting a new pair of waders. Not having those small pinholes and tears in your waders can make all the difference when trying to stay comfortable on a cold day. Speaking of cold, if you’re tired of having to layer up to stay warm when fishing try the Patagonia Shelled Insulator Pants.

Patagonia M’s Shelled Insulator Pants

Holiday Hours, Streamers and Well Wishes!

The Gunpowder river is clear and flowing at 82 Cfs and is 52 F. Streamers are a good way to connect especially around log jams and bend pools. We have sinking leaders in-stock that really help these patterns roll and tumble. With most of the leaves gone folks have once again found fish by returning to nymphing jigs and zebra midges.

Please limit your wading this time of year, wantonly stepping through redds can jeopardize next year’s bounty of wild stream bred brown trout!

We are truly thankful of your support this season and wish everyone a peaceful and restful holiday!

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The shop will reopen from 10 AM till 3PM on Saturday November 26th and Monday November 28th.

We will be closed on December 1.

Early November Gunpowder River Fishing Report

The Gunpowder has been at consistent levels today in spite of the rainfall. The water temperature is holding steady at 55 degrees. Flow at Falls Rd is 45 CFS. We have been seeing lots of BWO’s coming off mid-day through the evening and fish have been eager to rise to them. With cooler weather ahead, streamer fishing with a sink tip- leader will work very well. Patterns like BWO Compara-Duns, tan Elk Hair and X-Caddis, black and olive wooly buggers, and Bank Robber Sculpins are worth a shot. Euro nymphing has also been working well. We have pre-made Euro leaders and Euro flies in-stock. Stop in and get outfitted!

Last of the Terrestrials on the Gunpowder River

The Gunpowder River is flowing at 40 CFs, is clear and reaching 55 degrees F. Fortunately this week’s light frost did not put a stop to the last of the terrestrials. If one still has ants and beetles and maybe a small hopper in the summer box, now is the time to use them. Consider a small dropper off of something you can see-as smaller hooks catch fewer leaves this time of year. Folks have also been connecting with traditional unweighted streamers especially in the logjams and bend pools. Low water typically mean a longer walk that can be worthwhile as long as one uses the trail network. This week, skip the flat water and spend more time in the riffles. Watch out for the last of the ground bees-that said yellow is a great color to try in the next week when trying dries. Longer leaders ending in 6x will make a difference especially given how bright the days have been lately…so seek shade or fish ealy and late if you can avoid raking leaves or cleaning out the garage.

Please note: The shop will be closed from Saturday October 22 till Wednesday October 26th and will reopen on Thursday, October 27th.

Lows Flows on the Gunpowder River and lots of Small Wild Fish

With water levels returning to a somewhat “fall normal”, The Gunpowder River of flowing at 43.7 CF
s and is swinging between 54 and almost 58 degrees. As long as one doesn’t pick a bright day you’ll be greeted by lots of eager yearlings and young of the year-even smaller wild trout clobbering small terrestrial patterns. Longer leaders ending in 6and sometimes 7x can make a big difference in low flows. If the idea of squinting evinces a wince, give the pocket water a go above Falls Rd! It is fun section to fish this time of year especially with larger terrestrials and dropper rigs. Floating the river, while tempting, is still challenging with fall flows resulting in more of a push/drag. The numbers of strainers introduced during the last few storms has certainly resulted in some “must portage” bends.

Labor Day Weekend Gunpowder River Fly Fishing Report

The Gunpowder River is low at 43.7 Cfs and is swinging from 54 in the morning up to almost 58F. That said, longer leaders in the 10 to 11 ft ending in 7x have been productive in the shade. Small, not large, terrestrials will produce this time of year. Small beetles, CDC and foam ants should be in your box. Henryville caddis, tiny BWO’s and midge cluster patterns are all worth a shot. Unweighted streamers are also fun especially when fished upstream rather than on a swing. With leaves just turning get out while you can…

Please note: The shop will be closed this Sunday and Monday and will reopen on Thursday, September 8.

Savage River Fishing Report


Western Maryland is home to some of the some of the best water on the east coast: The Savage River and North Branch of the Potomac River. Both bodies of water hold Rainbow, Brown, and Brook Trout. Like the Gunpowder River, these Rivers are tailwaters or are dam controlled. This means that the water temperatures stay consistently cool throughout the year, even in the heat of summer.  Right now, the water levels on the Savage and North Branch are low, at 48.8 CFS and 229 CFS respectively. These are great levels to fish as you don’t have to battle the strong currents present during higher flows.

Both rivers have many challenges, one of the most notable being the wading. Slippery round boulders cover the banks and the bottom, providing many opportunities to fall. Studs and/or a wading staff are highly recommended. The other challenge anglers face is the intricate currents on the rivers. High gradient and big boulders make for lots of different currents in each run. It is important to read the water correctly in order to present your fly well. This river will test your c

Hudson and I were using terrestrials throughout our trip. Opportunistic browns and rainbows were eager to rise out of the pocket water and take a dry or dropper. If you’re interested in more information on Western Maryland, we can set you up with all the gear and knowledge necessary.

A glimpse at the beautiful yet rough terrain along the Savage River.