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August Gunpowder River Report

The river is at 139 cfs, water temperature is in the mid 50’s.

The fishing is very good with the flows being ideal for summer fishing. There is a lot of stream side terrestrials active now, hoppers, crickets and loads of ants. Inch worms falling in from the trees keeping the fish on the look out.

Note: The river level has dropped to 64 cfs on Friday afternoon. 

Thanks to Keir for the report earlier this week:


Beautiful morning to be out and had some luck on the Gunpowder. The trout were taking a bead head prince nymph. 

Dry Fly Fishing on the Gunpowder

The river is at 61cfs, clear and starting the day in the low 50’s rising to mid/upper 50’s F.

I’ve been out again in Garrett County this week whilst releases from Prettyboy Dam have been up and down. Now the river seems to have settled 60 cfs which I think this is a superb level for fishing dry flies. We’re fishing terrestrials predominately now. With little hatching at the moment fish tend to be much more opportunistic at this time so throw hoppers, crickets or beetles along the banks.

Low Water and Spillover on the Gunpowder

The Gunpowder is at 30cfs, clear and 61 degrees F at 3pm today.

Prettyboy reservoir is over capacity and surface water very warm with the recent heat wave. This afternoon they cut the release dramatically once again from 120 to 30 cfs causing it to spill. With heavy rain forecast this afternoon through this evening, keep a close eye on the USGS gauge after as significant spillover is very possible. If water temperatures rise to 68 degrees or over give the trout a break until the water temperature comes back down again.


Fantastic Levels On the Gunpowder

The Gunpowder is at a lovely 153 cfs, 53 degrees and clear in the catch and release section.

After a heavy lashing of rain on Sunday, Prettyboy Dam increased the release to 150cfs from 30 just in time to avoid significant spillover. Once again, this has triggered the fish to spread out nicely and feed more confidently. Terrestrials have been working really well. Try throwing a big ant, beetle or hopper. Drop a nymph off the back and fish the faster runs and riffles. Fish tend to be very opportunistic at this time of year through the rest of summer so work on covering the water thoroughly, particularly focusing on the banks. Myself & Bryan Donoway, of Flies in Disguise, fished Tuesday evening & caught fish on dries, nymphs and streamers. Enjoy the flows whilst they last!

Note: Afternoon thunderstorms Thursday afternoon have caused the dam to spill over with the reservoir at full capacity. It’s running at 239cfs this morning  and dropping.

Low, Clear Water on the Gunpowder

The Gunpowder is at 31 cfs, and water temperatures are swinging from the low to upper 50’s. The water is clear.

Once again, we’re in skinny flows on the river. Fish are concentrated in deeper runs and pools. The dry fly fishing can be good in low water, but just stay out of the water as much as possible to not spook fish before casting to them, especially in slower water. Midges can get fish looking up throughout the day but are most consistent in the evening.

Just had a customer call the shop saying the fishing was great this afternoon, thanks Jack!

Mid June Gunpowder River Report

Mountain Laurel in bloom along the river

The Gunpowder is at 163 cfs, mostly clear, particuarly Masemore up to the dam. Water temperature starting the day in the high 40’s rising to the 50’s.

Not much has changed, still sulphurs and caddis hatching, the river is not being affected by heavy storms much. Ants are definitely worth casting along the banks.

Enjoy the weekend!


Consistent Levels on the Gunpowder

Falls road bridge

The Gunpowder is at 161 cfs and 52 degrees, very clear.

Whilst other rivers around have been up and down from heavy storms the Gunpowder has been steady. More of the same in terms of hatches (sulphur, caddis, midges) but the smaller sulphurs, E Dorothea, are more common now, these typically hatch later in the day through the evening.



Great River Levels on the Gunpowder!

The river is at 173 cfs and gin clear with temp’s 50 F. The recent marked drop in water temperature is due to warm surface water being replaced with frigid water pulled from the 55 foot gate of the dam.

The fishing has been great so far this spring. When water levels allow, fish are now stacked in the riffles and faster water. Trout are eating sulphurs size #14-18 and tan caddis #14-18. For those lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, the dry fly fishing has been exceptional. Midges have been keeping trout occupied through the morning. Fishing tends to improve in the afternoon once the water warms a bit triggering mayfly and caddis hatches.

The shop will be open all weekend from 10 till 4 this Saturday and Sunday and 10 till 5 on this Monday, Memorial Day.

Sulphurs and Caddis on the Gunpowder River

The Gunpowder River is flowing at 214 Cfs is clear and 54 degrees F. Caddis and Sulpurs are in full swing. While it has not been warm enough for “epic” spinner falls we are seeing quite a few drop in very close to dark. Mid- morning and late afternoon into evening fishing has been productive with caddis and caddis emergers in the #14-16 range and Sulphur patterns, from nymphs, emergers and duns in the #12 -16 range. We have many patterns in the muffin tins on the front counter the guides have been using this week. Just quick look at the fly towers reveals that we have over 30 sulphur patterns and 16 caddis patterns to chose from. When faced with choosing between being hemmed up inside cleaning out the garage, mowing the lawn or going fly fishing for wild trout on the Gunpowder on a beautiful spring weekend the answer is clear…

Flows and Temps are Improving on the Gunpowder River

The Gunpowder River is flowing at 211 Cfs and is 53.5 degrees F. Caddis and Sulphurs are making their presence known as are plenty of wild fish. With the forest in full leaf out This spring don’t wait to go fly fishing on the Gunpowder! We have just received close to 100 dozen dry and wet flies including duns, spinners and hard to find caddis and sulphur emergers from expert tier Mike Bachkosky. Hint: The ones that work best are in the muffin tins on the front counter and won’t last…