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January 8th Gunpowder Fishing Report

The river is running at 61 cfs and the temperature is 41 degrees. Over this last week with the colder temperatures and snow the river has dropped in temperature and has raised in flows.  have been fishing a lot of small zebra midge patterns and also some small dry flies such as a sz 20 Griffiths gnat or a very small parachute style fly. although it has not been as productive the past couple of days, streamer fishing has been pretty good as well. Black and olive buggers have been working best with the occasional  Maddison sculpin picking up a few fish here and there.

We will be closed Sunday January 9th due to harsh weather conditions

The Gunpowder River New Year Stream Report

The river is flowing at 138cfs and the temperature is 45 degrees, both dropping quickly with the cold front hitting today. The Gunpowder has been fishing best with streamers and small nymphs. With the cold streamer fishing could slow down, but with the water being higher fish may still be active enough to chase a bigger fly. Some patterns that have been effective have been the slump buster, grey ghost, and wooly  buggers.

Nymphing should be the go-to tactic if you want to maximize the amount of fish caught in the winter months. The most effective patterns have been those imitating midges: Zebra midges, WD-40s, etc. We often pair these with a hare’s ear or a euro-style nymph to help get the smaller flies down. It’s best to target the faster runs because there will be more food available so fish will eat more readily.

As always, keep a look out for the redds on the river, especially through the areas with more gravel.

End of the Year Gunpowder River Fishing Report

The Gunpowder is flowing at 58.2 cfs and 44.2F. With warmer temperatures in the next few days, fishing should be exceptional until we get a cold snap. You can find fish sipping midges in the slower pools. Fishing Griffiths Gnats and small parachutes in sizes 16-22 will be the most productive. Often the smaller sizes work better this time of year.

Although nymphing has been effective on the river, the blooms of didymo can make nymphing tedious. One of the best ways to combat this is fishing a dry-dropper. The most effective nymphs this time of year are going to be midge imitations. Putting these nymphs a 12-18 inches off the back of a bulky dry allow you to cover all the water in the river effectively.

This week’s warm weather and possible rain could make for good conditions for streamer fishing. Target the biggest structure on the river: a large boulder, a deep drop-off, a log-jam. As always look out for redds alone the gravel beds and avoid those areas to ensure we have a good population in the future.

Backwater Angler will be open on the 28th, 29th, and 30th. We will be closed for the New Year(30th and 31st) and will be open again on January 2nd. 

Gunpowder River Early December Stream Report

The Gunpowder River is clear, 47.5 degrees F and flowing at 43.7 CFS. Fish are still midging in the flat water until the sun breaks through the clouds. Approaching wild fish this time of year requires limited wading and long, light leaders. Midge and midge emerges patterns in the #18-22 range will be most productive. Larger streamers will certainly move bigger fish but sometimes they just won’t commit to the fly. Sparse, traditional streamers twitched along the deadfalls, logjams, and bend pools may be more effective and are certainly easier to cast. Bald Eagles, as in the picture above, are frequently seen gliding among the tops of the Sycamores along the river corridor.

Gunpowder River Holiday Stream Report

We’re very thankful to have the support of our new and long-standing customers in our 20th year (32 in town if one goes back to Wally Vait’s On The Fly). On the way to the River today I saw leaves imitating snowflakes, three bald eagles dispatching an unlucky deer mired in corn stubble and a red fox pouncing through new cover crops trying to scare up a vole for breakfast. One does not need to look at wind advisories if the old metal roof hits a certain pitch, but it’s likely that kite shops will be busier today. As for the River, it is now dropping and flowing at 76 CFS, (about twice the normal flow for this time of year) is 51 degrees and clear-just not clear of leaves. That said, it’s tough to swing flies now without hooking a leaf-the sycamores will give you a quick tug.Try dead drifting and twitching a larger streamer instead to move larger fish. Whether they eat or not is usually determined by how bright the fly is…Stop in on your way up and let Hudson or Liam show you some patterns to trick those wild fish. We have lots of socks, hats, gift certificates to keep one warm and look forward to seeing you.

The shop will be open from 10-3 on Black Friday AKA #optoutside, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Gunpowder River Stream Report for November 12th

Cooler temperatures are right around the corner. This means cooler water and happy fish. The river is flowing at 140 CFS and has been holding there consistently. The water temperature has ranged from 58 down to 54 degrees throughout the day. with the rain last night the river is up but it will go back down soon. Streamer fishing has been very productive as well as euro nymphing and the occasional caddis emerger. Flies such as a classic prince nymph and copper johns are working exceptionally well right now as well as most euro nymphing style flies.One can’t go wrong with a classic wooly bugger, royal coachman or even a grey ghost. My personal favorite ly to fish this time of year is a big sculpin pattern. Flies such as the Maddison sculpin and the near Nuff Sculpin are great patterns.

Gunpowder River Stream report for October 23

Now is the time to break out the streamers and October caddis patterns. The time of year has finally come around again and the Gunpowder River is looking good. While the river is flowing at 34cfs, the water temps are staying between 50 and 55 degrees. Sculpin patterns such as the Near Nuff Sculpin and my personal favorite, the Maddison Sculpin are working well mid to late afternoon. Caddis patterns such as the cornfed caddis are working exceptionally well in the evenings. Although tricos are gone the fish in the upper river are still looking for them. I recommend using a lighter tippet size due to the lower water conditions. Stop in and fill a brand-new Umpqua fly box with all your favorite seasonal flies and get on the water prepared.

Its Crazy to think that both of these fish were caught in the upper gunpowder.

Gunpowder Fishing Report October 10th

The river is flowing around 34 CFS and is peaking around 55 degrees on most days.  We typically don’t see major hatches this time of year, but the fish definitely have a wide variety of food options.  Recently I’ve found a small caddis dry to be the most productive fly when prospecting, especially in the riffles.  However, the fish in slower pools and runs prefer smaller midge and ant patterns.  Look for fish gently rising amongst the fallen leaves in the glassy water throughout the catch and release section.

The brown trout are getting a little more aggressive toward streamers as their spawning date approaches.  With the water being on the low end, streamers are best fished downstream of Bluemount Rd where the Gunpowder starts gaining more volume.  Streamer and nymph fishing have also proven effective in the deeper plunge pools above Falls rd, particularly in the early morning, but can be frustrating due to the leaves in the water.

As always, enjoy the river! This is my favorite time of year to be in the park!

Also, please note that the shop will be closed on Monday October 11th.


Early October Gunpowder River Fishing Report

The Gunpowder River is clear and flowing at 52 Cfs and is 53 degrees F. With football in full swing the river is a bit quieter-even on the weekends! We still have a few Tricos on the wane. Fishing has been consistently good especially in the riffles. Try a small caddis throughout the catch and release area. In plunge pools and the lower river, streamer fishing has been productive-especially with large profile patterns (we have a few in the muffin tins now that are worth a shot). Sunken ants are also easy to fish-one can swing them like a soft hackle and cover a lot of water during non-hatch periods. Longer leaders ending in 6x are still very helpful as they keep one from lining fishing in the shallows. If you waders were leaking all summer, with colder water temps ahead now’s a great time to come in and get fitted for a newer, and certainly, drier pair from Patagonia.